Gabrielle Ray

'Gabrielle Ray said, 'I am always dancing; I love it! When I don't dance, I sing. What else is there to do?'


Gabrielle Ray featured on the cover of the 24th April 1909 issue of Forget-Me-Not, ‘A Dainty Journal for Ladies,’

published in London by Alfred Harmsworth’s Amalgamated Press Ltd


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Gabrielle Ray – Crippled Children Appeal – The Daily Telegraph & Courier (London) – Wednesday 25th September 1907




 The Daily Telegraph




To-day’s list of subscription to the Lord Mayor’s special appeal for £10,000 –  to complete the £60,000 required for his Cripples’ Home and College at Alton- again contains several children’s collections.

On the Lord Mayor’s table at the Mansion House lie letters in all styles of childish handwriting from willing helpers of tender years. Quaint epistles are some of these, deliciously unconventional in spelling, and unfettered by rules of grammar, but all breathe the same gracious, generous spirit of sympathy for the sufferers, and desire to relieve their distresses. It is good to see such sympathy. No better answer could be offered to those who regard the happiness of childhood as a form of merely physical wellbeing than the spectacle of these kind little hearts prompted by the divine touch of pity. Healthy and merry, as they run and sport by sea or hill or vale, the fortunate children of England may well pause to hear the appeal of those others, no older than themselves in years, but so much older in the awful knowledge of, searching pain, whose hopes of being able one day to run or climb or swim lie in the shillings that our boys and girls can send to the Lord, Mayor’s table.

Among the children’s letters that his lordship has already received is a touching revelation of a little one’s faith in the King. Little Eileen, having heard that his Majesty has always been a supporter of Sir William Treloar’s fund, wrote to the Sovereign as follows:

Dear King – I have been wanting to know if you know of any very poor children that have no mother or father.

And I have sent this money for them. – With love from Eileen.

Harry C. Nathan writes:

I have the honour to enclose your Lordship 10s 7d, which I have collected towards the Crippled Children’s Fund. I may mention that I am only ten years of age, and shall be pleased to hare another card if you will kindly allow me.

Here is another letter:

Dear Lord Mayor – I am sending you my card and portal order for 6s 5½ d. This makes £1 0s ld I have collected during my holidays for your Cripples’ Home. Hoping you will get all the money you want for the cripples. – Yours truly,

Nancy Janeman (aged 8 years)

It is a pleasure to note that Mr. Daniel Duff, jun., figures as a contributor; and the cheque sent by Lady Campbell Clarke for £50 is particularly welcome.

A first instalment from what promises to be a substantial source of revenue is to hand from Mr. W. Crichton-Higgs, who is making an original effort to augment the fund. Starting at Daly’s Theatre, he has secured autographed postcard portraits of Miss Lily Elsie, Miss Gabrielle Ray, and Mr. Joseph Coyne, which have been so readily sold that other leading artistes at the principal theatres, with the cooperation of the several managements, are to be invited also to assist the cause in a similar manner.

Donations, however small, may be seat to the Mansion House, or to The Daily Telegraph, Fleet-street, cheques and postal orders to be made payable to the Lord Mayor’s Cripples’ Fund, and crossed “and Co,” and the letters marked “Cripples’ Fund.”

Yesterday the Lord Mayor received C. Crichton-Higgs, Esq., Highbury (proceeds of sale of signed photographic postcards of Miss Gabrielle Ray, Miss Lily Elmo. and Mr. Joseph Coyne, at Daly’s Theatre, by kind permission of the manager)  £10 – 0 – 0

(Using the Historic inflation calculator the £10 – 10s raised has an equivalent spending power in 2020 of £1,239.37)


The Daily Telegraph & Courier (London) – Wednesday 25th September 1907



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The Daily Citizen (Manchester) – Friday 24th July 1914



There was a crowd in the court during the hearing of the case in which Mrs. Gabrielle Elizabeth Loder (Miss Gabrielle Ray) obtained a decree dissolving her marriage with Mr. Eric Raymond Loder, who did not put in a defence.

Mr. Barnard, R.C. (for the petitioner), said the marriage took place at St. Edward’s Church, Windsor. The parties lived together until February, 1912, when Mrs. Loder’s husband left her. The result was that the wife communicated with him, and in July, 1913, she was granted a decree for restitution of conjugal rights. The husband had not complied with it.

The Daily Citizen (Manchester) – Friday 24th July 1914



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Gabrielle Ray – Divorce – Bradford Weekly Telegraph – Friday 24th July 1914


Musical Comedy Actress’s Divorce.


Mr. Justice Bargrave Deane in Divorce Court yesterday pronounced a decree nisi dissolving the marriage of Mrs. Gabrielle Elizabeth Loder, better known as Miss Gabrielle Ray, musical comedy actress, on the ground of the desertion and misconduct of her husband, Mr. Eric Loder.

The respondent entered no defence. The case was heard in a crowded court.

Mr. Barnard, for the petitioner, said the marriage took pace in May, 1912, at Windsor. The respondent left his wife in the following February. A decree of restitution of conjugal rights was granted on March 14th this year, but this had not been complied with. Mr. Loder was watched, and on May 1st last he wee seen to go to the Great Western Hotel, Paddington, where be stayed the night with a lady.

The petitioner, attired in a blue dress and wearing a blue straw hat trimmed with white, the witness box and gave evidence in subdued tones and with emotion.

She said there was no child of the marriage. When her husband her she wrote letters to him, but as he not return she obtained a decree of restitution, which he had not obeyed.

She then instructed her solicitors to have him watched, and the present proceedings were the result.

As soon as she had given her evidence Mrs. Loder left the court with her solicitor before the case had finished.

The decree was pronounced in her absence.


Bradford Weekly Telegraph – Friday 24th July1914



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Gabrielle Ray – All Fools’ Day Revel – The Sporting Times – Saturday 4th April 1914



 I looked in at the All Fools’ Day Revel at Covent Garden on Wednesday night, but, truth to tell, though it was very full, the proceedings were not particularly hilarious. In fact, the majority the participants wore a worried look, suggestive of unpaid rent, and obtrusive tax collectors. Well known people were scarce, but I caught a glimpse of Marie Lohr dancing energetically; Gabrielle Ray, otherwise Mrs. Eric Loder, in very natty sailor boy’s costume; Lily Elsie, who hardly left her box; while the men, Sir “Romeo” Stuart was here, there, and everywhere, and a young Guardsman of my acquaintance was very resplendent in the uniform his grandfather wore at Waterloo.

The Sporting Times – Saturday 4th April 1914

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Gabrielle Ray – Cassell’s Penny Book of Health – 1912

Footlight Notes

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Gabrielle Ray – Engagement – The Westminster Gazette – Thursday 11th January 1912


That popular Gaiety actress Miss Gabrielle Ray will acquire some aristocratic connexions when she marries Mr. Eric Loder. Thus one of her futures husband’s uncles is Mr. Gerald Loder, who sat as M.P. for Brighton from 1839 to 1905, holding during that period various minor offices and is married to a daughter of the late Duke of St. Albans. Another is Major Reginald Loder, whose wife (Margaret Ernestine Augusta) is a daughter of the third Earl of Listowel, and a third is Major Eustace Loder, who is well known both in Irish and English social circles.


The Westminster Gazette – Thursday 11th January 1912



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Gabrielle Ray – Engagement – The Tatler – Wednesday 17th January 1912

More Stage and Stalls.

 An interesting engagement is that of Mr. Eric Loder, a nephew of Sir Edmund Loder, and Miss Gabrielle Ray, the well known actress of Gaiety and Daly’s fame. This bridegroom, too, like Lord Stafford and Miss Lohr’s future husband, Mr. Tony Prinsep, is some way off his quarter-century in years, but his bride-to-be confesses to twenty-seven years. Mr. Eric Loder is tall and fair and rich, and a most enthusiastic Brooklands motorist, while Miss Ray is small and fair and a delightful dancer whose charming personality is familiar to everyone. She is in fact the most bephotographed actress of the day.


The Tatler – Wednesday 17th January 1912

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Gabrielle Ray – Waifs and Strays Society – The Westminster Gazette – Monday 1st May 1911

In the Social World.


At the matinee which Lady Alington is organising in aid of the Waifs and Strays Society, and which will he attended by the Duke and Duchess of Connaught at the Adelphi Theatre, on May 16, many of the leading artists will appear, inducting Mrs. Patrick Campbell, Miss Stella Patrick Campbell, Miss Rosina Filippi, Miss Nancy Price, Mr. Eric Lewis, Mr. Charles Maude, Mr. C. Aubrey Smith, Miss Lillah McCarthy, Mr. Robert Loraine, Miss Gertie Millar, Mr. Coyne, Miss Phyllis Dare, Miss Mary Grey, Miss Helen Mar, Miss Gabrielle Ray, Mr. W. H. Berry, Mr. Rohan Clensy, Mr. Maurice Farkoa, Mr. George Grossmith. Mr. Harry Lauder, Miss Adrienne Augarde, Miss Pearl Aufrere, Miss Cliff, Miss Marie Dean, Miss Gertrude Glyn, Miss May Hobson, Miss May Kennedy, Miss Ruby Kennedy, Miss Dorrie Keppel, Miss Marion Lindsay, Miss Doris Lytton, Miss Olive May, Marjorie Mickie, Miss Nancy More, Miss Unity More. Miss Doris Stocker, Miss Rosalie Toller, and Miss Patty Wells have consented to sell programmes. Tickets can be obtained from Lady Alington and other members of the committee, or at the Box Office.


The Westminster Gazette – Monday 1st May 1911


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Gabrielle Ray – Actor’s Orphanage Fund – The Westminster Gazette – Wednesday 29th June 1910




A great company of bright people was to be seen yesterday at the Botanic Gardens, when the annual “theatrical garden-party” was held in aid of the Actors’ Orphanage Fund. It was a very gay afternoon.

Many very well-known and very popular actors and actresses worked hard all the time in aid of the charity they desired to help. Miss Winifred Emery ran an ice-cream tent; Miss Lilian Braithwaite and Miss Ethel Irving dispensed strawberries and cream; Miss Lena Ashwell, Miss Eva Moore, and Miss Constance Collier conducted the “Lake Tea Chalet”; Miss Erie Greene, Miss Ruth Vincent, Miss Isabel Jay, and Miss Louie Pounds were among the ladies who sold picture postcards and other portraits; Miss Pauline Chase, Miss Gertie Millar, Miss Gabrielle Ray, Mr. Gerald du Maurier, and Mr. Henry Ainley looked after the fortunes of a shooting-gallery; Miss Marie Lohr sold roses.

Some particularly hard, work was accomplished, too, at “The National Memorial Theatre within the grounds,” where Mr. Cyril Maude played the villain in an entirely new and enchanting melodrama of real life, in four acts – a “timorous, terrifying tincture of tragedy” – entitled “The Pick of Oakham, or the Girl with the Bad Habit.” Mr. Maude was certainly supported by a company as strong as the melodrama, the members including Miss Maidie Hope, Miss Hilda Trevelyan, Mr. E. M. Robson, Mr. Kenneth Douglas, Mr. Lennox Pawle, Mr. Harry Nicholls, and Mr. Lionel Rignold. Lord George Grossmith, jun.’s, Imperial Circus was still more wildly funny. Mr. Edmund Payne led a strenuous life while it lasted under his “management.” And an immense amount of labour was cheerfully carried out by the celebrated “Water Rats,” who gave a continuous performance.

There were also hair-dressing and hat-trimming competitions, judged by Mrs. George Alexander, and an exhilarating cricket match between actors and actresses, captained respectively by Mr. Charles Hawtrey and Miss Vane Featherstone.


The Westminster Gazette – Wednesday 29th June 1910


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