Gabrielle Ray

'Gabrielle Ray said, 'I am always dancing; I love it! When I don't dance, I sing. What else is there to do?'

Gabrielle Ray – Wedding – The Daily Mirror – Saturday 2nd March 1912



 The bride entering the church by the back door.

The bride with her arm on the bridegroom’s shoulder.

 Mr. Astley, Mr. Lacey (who is wearing a bowler hat), and Mrs. Nye.

Choir boy locking the gate to keep out the public.

 Canon Longinotto, who performed the ceremony, arriving at the church.


Although Miss Gabrielle Ray, the musical comedy, stated that her wedding would not take place this week, she was quietly married at St. Edward’s Roman Catholic Church, Windsor, yesterday. The ceremony was fixed for Thursday, but the bride failed to appear at the church, and the bridegroom, Mr. Eric Loder, waited for her in vain. Mr. Lacey gave away the bride, who was attended by her friend, Mrs. Nye. Mr. Astley was best man. (Daily Mirror photographs.)


The Daily Mirror – Saturday 2nd March 1912



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Gabrielle Ray – Engagement – The Daily Mirror – Wednesday 10th January 1912



 Gaiety Theatre Dancer to Wed Mr. Eric Loder.



Brother of ex-Guardsman, Whose Wife Was

 in Mr. Seymour Hicks’ Company.


(From Our Own Correspondent.)


PARIS, Jan. 9 – Another famous actress beauty is to marry into the ranks of the aristocracy.

I am able to announce the engagement of Miss Gabrielle Ray, the popular dancer and singer of Mr. George Edwardes’ companies, to Mr. Eric Loder, son of the late Mr. Alfred Loder, and grandson of the late Sir Robert Loder, first baronet.

Mr. Eric Loder – a tall, fair. good-looking young man, twenty-three years of age -smilingly confirmed the news of his engagement to Miss Gabrielle Ray when I saw him this afternoon. He looked very happy, but said he did not desire any fuss to be made.

No date has been fixed for the marriage, and the engagement was announced here because they happened to be in Paris at the same time. Mr. Loder is said to be very wealthy.

Miss Gabrielle Ray to-night occupied a box with her fiancé at the Olympia music hall. They were a typical good-looking English couple, Miss Ray looking radiant in an exquisitely pretty pink evening frock. “Please, no interview,” she said, in speaking to me of her engagement.

Yesterday evening Miss Gabrielle Ray, the married lady who is chaperoning her, Mr. Loder, and Mr. Eustace Parker, a friend, dined together at the Hotel Meurice.

Mr. Loder has been in Paris for four or five days, and has several times accompanied Miss Gabrielle Ray to the theatre.




A remarkable feature of this latest stage romance is that Mr. Loder’s brother also married a musical comedy actress.

Four years ago Mr. Basil Loder resigned his commission in the Scots Guards and married Miss Barbara Deane, one of the most charming singers in Mr. Seymour Hicks’ “Gay Gordons” company.

It is a strange coincidence that while the elder brother married one of the most accomplished singers in Mr. Seymour Hicks’ company, which added so many charming brides to the pages of Debrett, the younger brother should wed one of Mr. George Edwardes’ most delightful dancers.

But though Miss Ray is in the front rank of England’s dainty dancers, and is as well known as a singer, she must rank first and foremost as the queen of picture postcard beauties.

(Photographs, on page 9.)




Mr. Eric Loder is the nephew of many well known men.

The eldest is Sir Edmund Giles Loder, the second baronet, who succeeded his father in 1888, and has seats at Worthing and Horsham, where he preserves kangaroos and other exotic animals.

Mr. Gerald Loder, who was Unionist M.P. for Brighton from 1889 to 1905, but was defeated at a by-election after being appointed Junior Lord of the Treasury, is another uncle of the bridegroom elect; while a third is Major Eustace Loder, who won name and fame on the Turf as owner of Pretty Polly and Spearmint.

Mr. Eric Loder’s father, who died in 1905, was his day a famous athlete, and for many years was one of the only three who had run the hurdles in 16s. dead.

Mr. Loder himself is a keen motorist, and is well known to frequenters of Brooklands motor track.




Miss Gabrielle Ray, who is in her twenty-seventh year, but does not look it, made her stage debut as a child of ten at the old Princess’ Theatre.

Subsequently she played many child parts, including Cupid in “Little Red Riding Hood,” at Richmond.

Her first big part was on tour with “The Belle of New York,” when she played Mamie Clancy, in 1899 and 1900.

After understudying Miss Gertie Millar in “The Toreador” at the Gaiety, she succeeded to Miss Letti Lind’s part of Ellen in “The Girl from Kay’s,” and returned to the Gaiety in “The Orchid.”

Since then she has been associated with many of Mr. George Edwardes’ biggest successes at both his theatres, reaching the zenith of her popularity in the scene at Maxim’s of “The Merry Widow.”




The manager of the Rotary Photograph Company told The DailyMirror last night something of Miss Gabrielle Ray’s popularity in the picture postcard world.

“It has been more than a craze, you could almost call it a fever, for at a careful estimation my firm alone has sold between 7,000,000 and 10,000,000 of her postcards.

“We have photographs of her in over a thousand poses. It is impossible to say which has been the most popular, but over 10,000 copies have been sold of her dressed as Millais’ ‘Bubbles.’

“Large photographs of her for framing purposes are sold like hot cakes at 2s. 6d. each, not in dozens, but in thousands, and the craze applies not only to London, but to every little town and village through the kingdom.”


The Daily Mirror – Wednesday 10th January 1912

Gabrielle Ray – Engagement – The Daily Mirror – Wednesday 10th January 1912


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Gabrielle Ray – The Cannock Chase Courier – Saturday 13th March 1909

Miss Gabrielle Ray tells of a certain stage carpenter who one day approached his manager for an increase in wages. “Why,” said the manager. “I don’t quite see my way to giving you a rise. You have nothing much to do. Half the time you are merely standing in the wings listening to the play.” “Yes, sir.” replied the carpenter with a wry face as be turned to more away, “that’s just it.”


The Cannock Chase Courier – Saturday 13th March 1909

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Eric Loder – Sunday Pictorial – Sunday Mirror – Sunday 23rd May 1920



Major Eric Loder and Iris Lady Lawson, who have just married.. Major Loder is a good tennis player and in March beat the Prince of Wales.


Sunday Pictorial – Sunday 23rd May 1920

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Eric Loder – Sunday Pictorial – Sunday 30th July 1922



Mrs. Eric Loder, the charming wife of Major Eric Loder, with her little daughter Pamela happy in the grounds of Woodlands, Farnham Common, Bucks. Mrs. Eric Loder is the daughter of the Hon. Eustace Fitzgerald.


Sunday Pictorial – Sunday 30th July 1922

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Gabrielle Ray – Monogram


Gabrielle Ray – Autograph – 1907

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Gabrielle Ray – Autograph – 1907

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Gabrielle Ray featured on the cover of the 24th April 1909 issue of Forget-Me-Not, ‘A Dainty Journal for Ladies,’

published in London by Alfred Harmsworth’s Amalgamated Press Ltd


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Gabrielle Ray – Crippled Children Appeal – The Daily Telegraph & Courier (London) – Wednesday 25th September 1907




 The Daily Telegraph




To-day’s list of subscription to the Lord Mayor’s special appeal for £10,000 –  to complete the £60,000 required for his Cripples’ Home and College at Alton- again contains several children’s collections.

On the Lord Mayor’s table at the Mansion House lie letters in all styles of childish handwriting from willing helpers of tender years. Quaint epistles are some of these, deliciously unconventional in spelling, and unfettered by rules of grammar, but all breathe the same gracious, generous spirit of sympathy for the sufferers, and desire to relieve their distresses. It is good to see such sympathy. No better answer could be offered to those who regard the happiness of childhood as a form of merely physical wellbeing than the spectacle of these kind little hearts prompted by the divine touch of pity. Healthy and merry, as they run and sport by sea or hill or vale, the fortunate children of England may well pause to hear the appeal of those others, no older than themselves in years, but so much older in the awful knowledge of, searching pain, whose hopes of being able one day to run or climb or swim lie in the shillings that our boys and girls can send to the Lord, Mayor’s table.

Among the children’s letters that his lordship has already received is a touching revelation of a little one’s faith in the King. Little Eileen, having heard that his Majesty has always been a supporter of Sir William Treloar’s fund, wrote to the Sovereign as follows:

Dear King – I have been wanting to know if you know of any very poor children that have no mother or father.

And I have sent this money for them. – With love from Eileen.

Harry C. Nathan writes:

I have the honour to enclose your Lordship 10s 7d, which I have collected towards the Crippled Children’s Fund. I may mention that I am only ten years of age, and shall be pleased to hare another card if you will kindly allow me.

Here is another letter:

Dear Lord Mayor – I am sending you my card and portal order for 6s 5½ d. This makes £1 0s ld I have collected during my holidays for your Cripples’ Home. Hoping you will get all the money you want for the cripples. – Yours truly,

Nancy Janeman (aged 8 years)

It is a pleasure to note that Mr. Daniel Duff, jun., figures as a contributor; and the cheque sent by Lady Campbell Clarke for £50 is particularly welcome.

A first instalment from what promises to be a substantial source of revenue is to hand from Mr. W. Crichton-Higgs, who is making an original effort to augment the fund. Starting at Daly’s Theatre, he has secured autographed postcard portraits of Miss Lily Elsie, Miss Gabrielle Ray, and Mr. Joseph Coyne, which have been so readily sold that other leading artistes at the principal theatres, with the cooperation of the several managements, are to be invited also to assist the cause in a similar manner.

Donations, however small, may be seat to the Mansion House, or to The Daily Telegraph, Fleet-street, cheques and postal orders to be made payable to the Lord Mayor’s Cripples’ Fund, and crossed “and Co,” and the letters marked “Cripples’ Fund.”

Yesterday the Lord Mayor received C. Crichton-Higgs, Esq., Highbury (proceeds of sale of signed photographic postcards of Miss Gabrielle Ray, Miss Lily Elmo. and Mr. Joseph Coyne, at Daly’s Theatre, by kind permission of the manager)  £10 – 0 – 0

(Using the Historic inflation calculator the £10 – 10s raised has an equivalent spending power in 2020 of £1,239.37)


The Daily Telegraph & Courier (London) – Wednesday 25th September 1907



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The Daily Citizen (Manchester) – Friday 24th July 1914



There was a crowd in the court during the hearing of the case in which Mrs. Gabrielle Elizabeth Loder (Miss Gabrielle Ray) obtained a decree dissolving her marriage with Mr. Eric Raymond Loder, who did not put in a defence.

Mr. Barnard, R.C. (for the petitioner), said the marriage took place at St. Edward’s Church, Windsor. The parties lived together until February, 1912, when Mrs. Loder’s husband left her. The result was that the wife communicated with him, and in July, 1913, she was granted a decree for restitution of conjugal rights. The husband had not complied with it.

The Daily Citizen (Manchester) – Friday 24th July 1914



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