Gabrielle Ray

'Gabrielle Ray said, 'I am always dancing; I love it! When I don't dance, I sing. What else is there to do?'

Gabrielle Ray (The Cynicus Publishing Co)


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Gabrielle Ray (J. Beagles 384 C)

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Leslie Barker


Leslie Barker (1895 – 28 March 1965) performed with Miss Ray during the early 1920’s

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Dresses in The Orchid – Daily Telegraph & Courier (London) – Tuesday 27th October 1903

Dresses in “The Orchid”

 Miss Gabrielle Ray wears in the first act a grey sun pleated dress, finished with a wide ruche round the hem, and a deep early Victorian cape of Trish lace, almost to the waist. Her wide-brimmed hat is of gauged chiffon. Later she wears a charming turquoise-blue costume, in somewhat of the old style of ballet-skirt, but more graceful in that layer after layer of the ethereal yet soft fabric is edged with undulating masses of ruching. The bodice is cut low, and there are trellis sleeves of blue velvet, into which pink-fringed daisies are tied. A band of trellis and daisies falls on the skirt below the waist. The hat is basket shaped, and of daisies embedded in soft blue chiffon, closely gauged, the brim lined in front with chiffon of a paler shade. Again, Miss Ray wears a dancing dress all in red, with effective touches of black.


Daily Telegraph & Courier (London) – Tuesday 27th October 1903

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Gabrielle Ray – The Little Cherub – 1906

Wit and Humour

(From “Punch”)


It is indeed a pleasure to see the drama at last emerging from the state of sluggish insipidity which has so long diagnosed it. At the Prince of Wales’ Theatre four of our most lovely actresses now play a game of football on the stage, in the course of which Miss Gabrielle Ray kicks the ball into the auditorium. We doubt whether this theatrical history of any country could point to a more saucy incident.


Dublin Evening Mail – Saturday 31st March 1906



Actress as Footballer.


During the run of “The Little Cherub” at the Prince of Wales’s Theatre, London, Miss Gabrielle Ray has so often kicked the improvised football in the hotel scene into the “prompt” box, that she has accepted a challenge, and prepared back herself for £5 to land the ball into that box on any occasion.


Sheffield Evening Telegraph – Friday 23rd March 1906

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The Hon. Mrs James Beck – The Tatler – Wednesday 26th November 1930


The portrait by Mr. Cecil Beaton, which is included in “The Book of Beauty,” which he has just had published by Messrs. Duckworth, and which includes numerous photographs and also sketches of the people with whom the book deals. The author in his preface tells us that his greatest heroines in his childhood’s days were not the Maid of Orleans, or the Lady of the Lamp, but Lily Elsie, Gabrielle Ray, and Queen Alexandra. The author’s study of beauty has taken in its present shape this collection of all the most decorative people of to-day and yesterday. The Hon. Mrs. James Beck is Lord Glenconner’s sister.

The Tatler – Wednesday 26th November 1930

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Mr Merlin Morgan – Western Mail – Monday 10th November 1924




LONDON, Sunday.


It was appropriate that London Welshmen should have taken part in the matinee at the London Palladium this afternoon in memory of the late Mr. Merlin Morgan, the gifted Welsh conductor, who died recently.

A native of Aberdare, Mr. Merlin Morgan was a well-known figure in London Welsh circles long before he made a name for himself in the West End theatrical world. He was musical director at Daly’s and the Gaiety theatres. He devoted much attention to the development of Welsh choral music in London. He was, in fact the founder of the London Welsh Male Choir, and this body, under the Conductorship of’ Mr. Llewelyn Bevan, took part in to-day’s matinee. They sang one or two Welsh airs, and were warmly applauded for their contribution to what proved an interesting programme of music. The promoters of the matinee had arranged a programme by singers and others intimately associated with Mr. Morgan, and among the contributors were Ivor Foster, Lilian Davies, Blanche Tomlin, Ivor Novello, Robert Michaelis, Jose Collins, Gabrielle Ray, Harry Dearth, Joyce Carey, and Thorpe Bates. Altogether the matinee, with such a galaxy of talent hosted by the Daly’s theatre orchestra proved a decided success.


Western Mail – Monday 10th November 1924

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The Orchid – The Airdrie & Coatbridge Advertiser – Saturday 31st December 1904



This successful musical play, with which the new Gaiety was opened, is now in its second year, and the second edition which Mr Edwardes has now got in full swing can hardly fail to secure for it a pleasant prolongation of popularity. Among the new numbers mention should be made of an exceedingly pretty song, “On a Summer Afternoon,” given with refreshing piquancy by Miss Gertie Millar; of a charming fishing ballad, “Blanche Marie,” to which every justice is done by Miss Marie Studhohme, and of a capital song “La Promenade Anglaise,” of which not the least attractive feature is the dance which follows and which is executed with the most gracious nonchalance by Miss Gabrielle Ray. A “motor” scene, which eventually resolves itself into a “bathing” medley is a most popular new number, while cheers nightly greet a characteristically Irish ballad, “Kate O’Malley,” allotted to Mr Lionel Mackinder, and winding up with a brisk jig, wherein Miss Olive May greatly distinguishes herself. Special praise must also be accorded to the extremely dainty song, “Sweep,” which now takes the place of the “Pierrot” number in the last scene. In this Miss Gertie Millar wins for herself the unqualified favour of everyone by her amazingly graceful and fascinating method. Mr Edmund Payne, Mr Charles Brown, Mr Harry Grattan, Mr Robert Nainby, Mr James Sullivan, Miss G. Rowlands and Miss Connie Ediss, it is almost needless to add, continue to work with untiring energy for the of the piece, and deservedly meet with enthusiastic receptions nightly.


The Airdrie & Coatbridge Advertiser – Saturday 31st December 1904


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Flying Colours – The Irish Independent – Monday 18th September 1916



The latest of the long succession revues, which are so popular with the London public, is “Flying Colours,” by A. da Courville and Wal Pink, with music by W. F. Peters. It was produced with a fair amount of success at the Hippodrome on Saturday night. The piece differs from most Hippodrome revues in being less noisy and less glaring, and the performers make comparatively little use of the auditorium. But while the artistes are mostly entertaining there is hardly a scene or song which is particularly humorous or clever in itself. The lady principals, including Miss Gabrielle Ray and Miss Dorothy Waring are only sparsely employed. The chief comedian is Little Tich, who appears in all sorts of guises – a bull-fighter, a Spanish lady, a jockey, a music-seller, and what not, and is his droll self in them all. A notable episode is Capt. Bairnsfather’s trench scene, reproducing exactly the spirit and detail of his famous drawings of scenes at the front.

Irish Independent – Monday 18th September 1916


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Gabrielle Ray (Tuck G390)

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