Gabrielle Ray

'Gabrielle Ray said, 'I am always dancing; I love it! When I don't dance, I sing. What else is there to do?'

Mabel Russell – The Dollar Princess – The Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News – Saturday 27th August 1910




Miss Mabel Russell joins the cast of “The Dollar Princess,” at Daly’s this evening, taking up the part of “Daisy”

during the absence of Miss Gabrielle Ray, who goes holiday-making for a couple of weeks.

The Globe – Monday 18th July 1910

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Barbara Deane – The Globe – Monday 20th January 1908



Announcement is made of the marriage of Miss Barbara Deane, who has been appearing with so much success in “The Gay Gordons” at the Aldwych, to Mr. Basil Loder, of the Scots Guards. Miss Deane (Katie Davies), who is 28, was born at Pembroke, and was educated at Winchester. She made her first appearance in “The Cherry Girl” at the Vaudeville when the piece was produced at Christmas, 1903, and subsequently played in “The Catch of the Season” and “The Beauty of Bath.” She was under a long engagement with Mr. Frohman and Mr. Seymour Hicks, but it, is stated that she has now definitely retired from the stage. Mr. Loder is a Second Lieutenant in the Scots Guards, having joined the regiment in August last.

The Globe – Monday 20th January 1908

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Gabrielle Ray – Les Merveilleuses – The Globe – Monday 15th April 1907



Mr. George Edwardes is not the man to rest on his oars, or to be satisfied with any piece he produces if he thinks that, it can by any possibility be improved. On Saturday night he made some additions to that charming opera, “The Lady Dandies,” otherwise “Les Merveilleuses,” which give fresh opportunities to Miss Denise Orme and Miss Gabrielle Ray. For the first-named he has introduced a new song “The Little Bird of Blue,” to which she plays her own accompaniment on the harp. Miss Orme is a thoroughly accomplished musician. That she is a fine vocalist we have long been aware; in “The Little Michus” she showed us that she can play the violin like an expert, and now she proves her mastery over that graceful instrument, the harp. The new song, in which she was supported by a beautifully dressed chorus, was most heartily received. Miss Gabrielle Ray, who is rapidly winning her way to the front, has also been given a new song, which she shares with Mr. W. H. Berry, called “Etiquette,” and a new dance to follow it. Miss Ray sings with point, and her dancing is worthy of the very best traditions of Daly’s theatre, for it is absolutely effortless, and the embodiment of grace. Miss Evie Green’s fine person and splendid voice, Mr. Huntley Wright’s humour and energy, Mr. Evett’s beautiful singing, Mr. Louis Bradfield’s clever study of Lagorille, and the comicalities of Messrs. W. H. Berry and Fred Kaye, not to speak of the beauty and magnificent dresses of the chorus, all contribute to a delightful entertainment.


The Globe – Monday 15th April 1907


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Gabrielle Ray – Betty – The Globe – Saturday 30th October 1915

The Theatre

 Miss Gabrielle Ray in “Betty.”


There is all the charm of romance and much of the sparkle of real humour in “Betty,” thanks quite as much to the attractive grace of Miss Winifred Barnes as to the efforts of authors and composers, and to the bright comedy of Mr. Tom Walls as Lord Playne. Last night there was a new comer to the cast in Miss Gabrielle Ray, who, in returning to Daly’s found many friends to welcome her reappearance. She was always a delightful dancer, but Miss Ray has gained in her art as an actress, and both her singing and speaking voice has improved in quality. Her rentrée was a real success. All the fun and alertness of Mr. Laurie de Frece, the boyish sprit of Roy Royston, the “heavy father” efforts of Mr. C. M. Lowne, and the easy methods of Mr. Donald Calthrop as the young lord who wins and finally woos, help to make of the musical play a very fresh and amusing performance.

The Globe,  Saturday 30th October 1915

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Betty – The Globe – 25th Sep 1915

Betty - The Globe - 25th Sep 1915

Miss Gabrielle Ray returning to the stage.

Miss Gabrielle Ray, says the Daily Mail, is to return to the stage, and will make her appearance at Daly’s Theatre in about a fortnight as Estella, the pretty milliner, in “Betty.” She retired from Mr. George Edwardes’s management and the stage at the end of 19112. Yesterday she finally made up her mind that she would like to return to the theatre.

“Going back to Daly’s Theatre,” she said, “is almost like returning home after a long absence. The risk that I may be forgotten makes me nervous, but I have not forgotten the theatre, and I have not forgotten how to dance.”

The Globe – 25th Sep 1915

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