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'Gabrielle Ray said, 'I am always dancing; I love it! When I don't dance, I sing. What else is there to do?'

Twenty Million Picture Postcards – The Daily Mirror – Monday 20th February 1905


Boy’s Enterprise Creates a Huge and Still Increasing Business.


Twenty million post-cards in twenty thousand boxes! A thousand post-cards in each box!

That is the stock of a single firm engaged in supplying that large section of the community which collects picture post-cards, and which multiplies by leaps and bounds, not only throughout the country, but throughout the world.

That firm is known as the Wrench Post-Cards, Limited, and it owes its origin to the enterprise of one who was little more than a schoolboy at the time he began the business.

Four years ago Mr. Wrench took a little room in the Haymarket, and with fifty designs and an assistant or two he began operations. In a very short time the headquarters of the Wrench Postcards will occupy a building with close on ten thousand superficial feet of space.

Not less striking is the way in which the fifty original designs have multiplied, for to-day there are altogether fifteen thousand separate and distinct subjects issued by the firm.

Of each of these designs an edition of five thousand cards is usually printed to start with, but it may be reprinted four, five, or even ten times to meet the popular demand. That demand at present is largely in the direction of pretty actresses.

At the head of the list at the moment is Miss Gabrielle Ray, of the Gaiety Theatre. Scarcely less popular is pretty Miss Marie Studholme, the dozen designs of whom have sold to the tune of about twenty thousand postcards.

On the other hand, few men enjoy any great postcard popularity. When a political agitation is on, and he is making one of his great speeches, Mr. Joseph Chamberlain is inquired for, while certain actors, like Mr. George Alexander, Mr. Cyril Maude, and Lewis Waller, enjoy a steady, if small, demand.

Views, however, especially coloured views, never seem to weary the collector, and in the course of a short time reproductions of landscapes which have been painted in oil will be offered to the public.


The Daily Mirror – Monday 20th February 1905


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Gabrielle Ray – Fashion Postcards – The Daily Mirror – Tuesday 15th March 1910



How Pictures of Actresses Are Used as Models for Dresses.


How is the woman who cannot afford the fancy prices of the great dressmakers to dress fashionably?

The great difficulty of the thousands of women who design their own dresses has always been to keep up with the constant changes of fashion.

Frequent visits to the theatre are one of the best ways, for it is well known that actresses are always up to date in dress, and the germ of a new fashion is often seen behind the footlights before it has been heard of elsewhere.

But many women cannot go often to theatres.

Yesterday a well-known woman-artist who lives in the country told The Daily Mirror the latest way to get knowledge of the newest fashions at an infinitesimal cost. Incidentally she disclosed why it is that the greater number of actresses’ picture postcards are bought by women.

“Every new fashion is at once reflected on the stage, even if it does not originate there,” she said.

“The actress who wears it is at once photographed. The photograph is at once reproduced by the picture postcard people.

“The town girl goes to the theatre and delights in the pretty hats of Lily Elsie, the quaint dresses allotted to Gabrielle Ray, the muff worn by Marie Lohr.

“Then she rushes to buy a picture postcard and sets to work to model her clothes on the same idea, or gets her dressmaker or milliner to copy the style to the best advantage.”

“Generally Lily Elsie and Gabrielle Ray easily lead as favourites with the modern girl,” The Daily Mirror was told. “Ellaline Terriss and Marie Lohr are also great favourites.


The Daily Mirror – Tuesday 15th March 1910



Staging Fashion, 1880-1920: Jane Hading, Lily Elsie, Billie Burke

Staging Fashion, 1880-1920: Jane Hading, Lily Elsie, Billie Burke (Bard Graduate Center for Studies in the Decorative Arts, Design & Culture) (Bard … for Studies in the Decorative Arts(YUP)) Paperback – Illustrated, 31 Mar. 2012

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Gabrielle Ray – Postcards by the Millions – Christchurch Times – Saturday 21st July 1906


POSTCARDS BY MILLIONS. – A writer in the “Royal Magazine” has made inquiries with a view to ascertaining whose portrait is most popular with the purchasers of picture post cards. He finds that Miss Marie Studholme comes first, Miss Gabrielle Ray a close second, the two sisters, Misses Zena and Phyllis Dare, practically tie for third place, while Miss Ellaline Terries and Miss Gertie Millar are great favourites. Post Office officials computed that 430,090,000 postcards were posted in Great Britain during 1903. A count was kept at several summer resorts last year, and during June, July, and August the weekly average of cards posted at Blackpool alone was 215,000. In the first week of August the total reached 300,000

Christchurch Times – Saturday 21st July 1906

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