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Gabrielle Ray – A Salon of Fragrance and Fashion – The London Evening Standard – Monday 27th March 1911

To Help the Middlesex Hospital

 (Prince Francis of Teck Memorial Fund.)



Harrods have opened a “Salon of Fragrance and Fair Women,” where, under the personal patronage of his Serene Highness Prince Alexander of Teck, leading actresses have volunteered to sell during this week the British Eau de Cologne made by the old British House of Luce of Jersey and Southampton. Messrs. Luce have generously supplied their perfumes free for the occasion, so that the entire proceeds may be devoted to the Hospital Fund. The public will have the opportunity of buying British perfume at ordinary prices from the hands of the fairest ladies of the British stage and incidentally of assisting this most deserving fund. Among the ladies who have so kindly given their services are the following:


Miss Maude Allan, Miss Phyllis Dare, Miss Doris Lytton,

Miss Pearl Autrere, Miss Constance Drever, Miss Olive May,

Miss, Audrienne Augarde, Miss Clara Evelyn, Miss Lillah McCarthy,

Miss Phyllis Bedlles, Miss Madge Fabian, Miss Nancy More,

Miss Chrissie Bell, Miss Audrey Ford, Miss Unity More,

Miss Stephanie Bell, Miss Gladys Guy, Miss Gabrielle Ray,

Miss Lilian Braithwaite, Miss Elvira Hardinge, Miss Gertrude Robins,

Miss Beatrice von Brunner, Miss Iris Hoey, Miss Dorothy Selborne,

Miss Nell Carter, Miss Ola Humphrey, Miss Lily Shepheard,

Miss Dolly Castles, Miss Julia James, Miss Blanche Stocker,

Miss Pauline Chase, Miss Frances Kapstowne, Miss Connie Stewart,

Miss Ivy Lilian Close, Miss Ruby Kennedy, Miss Madge Titheradge,

Miss Cicely Courtneidge, Miss Evelyn Lawrie, Miss Rosalie Toiler,

Miss Laura Cowie, Miss Marie Lohr, Miss Jessie Winter.


The London Evening Standard – Monday 27th March 1911


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Gabrielle Ray – Salon of Fragrance and Fair Women – The Daily Mirror – Wednesday 22nd March 1911



 Salon of Fragrance and Fair Women During All British Shopping Week.


One of the most interesting features of the all British shopping week will be a novel appeal to the public to help the Middlesex Hospital, for which Prince Alexander of Teck is carrying on the work upon which his brother, the late Prince Francis, was engaged at the time of his death.

Under Prince Alexander’s patronage, Miss Gertrude Robins has organised a committee of the most beautiful and popular London actresses to sell in aid of the hospital British made eau de Cologne in a “salon of fragrance and fair women” placed at their disposal by Messrs. Harrods. The scent will be supplied free by the makers, Messrs. Luce, of Southampton.

Among the ladies who have offered their services are Miss Maud Allan, the classical dancer; Miss Lilian Braithwaite, Miss Pauline Chase, beloved of Peter Pan lovers; Miss Ivy Lilian Close, Miss Phyllis Dare, Miss Marie Lohr, Miss Lillah McCarthy, and Miss Gabrielle Ray.


The Daily Mirror – Wednesday 22nd March 1911



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