Gabrielle Ray

'Gabrielle Ray said, 'I am always dancing; I love it! When I don't dance, I sing. What else is there to do?'

The Merry Widow – Theatre Advert – Theatre Royal, Bournemouth

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Gabrielle Ray – The Casino Girl – The Bournemouth Guardian – Saturday 26th October 1901





The “Casino Girl” at the Theatre Royal this week is a brilliant and dashing musical farce, and goes with a great swing. There was a crowded house on Monday, and, no doubt, the attendances will be equally satisfactory every evening. The play is supposed to be a scene in Cairo. The first set is in a street in that city, and the second a scene in the Pasha’s Palace. Mr Max Copland, as Pilsener Pasha, whose introduction of beer into Egypt won for him this title, sustains his role in a manner which causes great merriment, and when he acts in the capacity of judge at the trial of Percy Harold Ethelbert Van Stuvyesant (Mr Cecil Curtis), an American doctor, who is arrested as the robber of the Palace Ben Maley, the laughter is unrestrainable. J. Offenbach Gaggs (Mr Joseph Wilson), a grand opera tenor, who takes a company to Cairo and meets with nothing but reverses, is heard to good effect in his song, “Nothing new.” Mr Stanley White, as the real Ben Muley, and his lieutenant, Postage (Mr Little Ganty) gave a splendid knock-about performance. Miss Isa Bowman (Laura Lee), formerly of the New York Casino Co, known in Cairo as Mille Estella, a French milliner, is an able dancer, and thoroughly deserved the encore which was accorded her for the singing of “Ma Blushin’ Rosie.”  Dollie Twinkle, Miss Gabrielle Ray, is another charming dancer, and twists the Pasha round her thumb in a most amusing manner. Odaliska (Miss Millie Sylvestre) is seen to good advantage as the Pasha’s favourite. All the other parts are in capable hands, and receive the best possible portrayal. The dresses are charming, and all the songs have a good chorus, which were done full justice to. The dancing is captivating, and the play throughout goes splendidly together, and make up an entertaining whole. The performance is to be repeated to-night (Saturday), and at a matinee this afternoon.

The Bournemouth Guardian – Saturday 26th October 1901


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