Gabrielle Ray

'Gabrielle Ray said, 'I am always dancing; I love it! When I don't dance, I sing. What else is there to do?'

Gabrielle Ray – The Palladium – The Stage – Thursday 22nd September 1921





Little Tich, as full of vim and apt by-play as ever, returns to the Palladium this week. On Monday afternoon he was so popular as the bold, romancing cricketer and the Society debutante who gets mixed up in “her” train, that Maidie Scott, who followed him, was considerably delayed. Miss Scott is still singing “Eve’s Progress” to general acceptance. Lee White and Clay Smith are great favourites here for a series of songs, duets, and patter, mostly from the recent Vaudeville revue “Puss! Puss!” Each item is delivered with all the neatness and point one expects form these finished artists, Miss White adding just that hint of quiet sentiment here and there that is always so charming a feature of her work. It was at the Palladium, by the way, that Miss White, with her former partner, played her first London engagement, on which occasion we predicted a great future for her in revue. That prediction, of course, has been fully realised. George Bass is very droll, first as a seeker for information about the income- tax, and afterwards as a musical conductor; while the Arnaut Brothers repeat their fine musical clown act. Other newcomers are Mimi, a very versatile young lady; Jay Laurier, with his funny song about cats, and “Let’s All Have a Jolly Good Cry” and Dippy Diers, assisted by Flo Bennett, in an amusing turn. Gabrielle Ray, assisted by Leslie Barker, and Madeleine Collins, remain over from last week. Mr. Horace Sheldon’s special orchestral selection is Horatio Nicholls’s “Blue Bird.” Mr. C. Foster-Marner is the manager. There were packed audiences on Monday.


The Stage – Thursday 22nd September 1921

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Gabrielle Ray – The Hippodrome, Leeds – The Leeds Mercury – Friday 22nd April 1921

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Gabrielle Ray – The Palladium – West Ham and South Essex Mail – Friday 27th May 1921



At the Palladium on Monday, Mr. Charles Gulliver, in spite of the slump in West Endt Theatreland, is presenting one of his all star programmes. Among the principal newcomers is Derra de Moroda, the beautiful dancer, the complete Company including:- Derra de Moroda, Gabrielle Ray, Bros. Arnaut, Maidie Scott, George Bass, Manny and Roberts, Sam Barton, Five Joveras, and Frank and Somers.


The West Ham and South Essex Mail – Friday 27th May 1921


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Gabrielle Ray – Robin Hood – Sunday Illustrated – Sunday 11th December 1921




In the provinces, the Christmas plays are:- “The Gipsy Princess,” at the Court, Liverpool; “Dick Whittington” with Daisy Wood, Bruce Green and George Bass, at the Newcastle Hippodrome; “Cinderella” at the Theatre Royal, Huddersfield, and the Princes, Bradford; “Sindbad the Sailor,” at the Theatre Royal, Edinburgh, and Sheffield. Miss Gabrielle Ray is the star in “Robin Hood” at the King’s Edinburgh; and Will Fyffe is booked for “Robinson Crusoe” at the Glasgow Theatre Royal.


Sunday Illustrated – Sunday 11th December 1921

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