Gabrielle Ray

'Gabrielle Ray said, 'I am always dancing; I love it! When I don't dance, I sing. What else is there to do?'

Gabrielle Ray – The Casino Girl – The Richmond Herald – Saturday 14th December 1901



 A very bright show indeed is “The Casino Girl,” and it is presented by a capital company sent out by Mr. Ben Greet and captained by Mr. W. J. Robertson. The piece is not called the twin sister to “The Belle of New York” for nothing. There certainly is a remarkable likeness between the two in regard to the characters, the most striking resemblance being in Pilsener Pasha who is simply the Polite Lunatic over again. Mr. Max. Copeland in the part is very good indeed. Mr. Joseph Wilson as J. Offenbach Gaggs, is full of amusing antics and clever business, though his singing is decidedly weak, and it may interest him to know that only words her and there of his song about “The Tatooed Man” could he heard in the stalls. Mr. Cecil Curtis is satisfactory as the young doctor, and Messrs Stanley White and Walter Freear as the brother bandits are very comical. Miss Isa Bowman is as charming as she is clever in the part of “The Casino Girl,” singing and dancing very daintily, while Miss Gabrielle Ray, nee Bessie of that ilk, was full of pretty tricks and graceful poses as Dolly Twinkle. Miss Lilian and Miss Ethel Allendale are very chic girls front Chicago, and their Malaprop Mamma is well impersonated by Miss Alice Gordon. The music is very bright, the singing is on the whole excellent, the piece is very well dressed and the stage pictures are particularly good, being quite a feature of the entertainment. The cast is as follow:-

Pilsener Pasha, a Brewer, whose introduction of Beer into Egypt won him his title, Mr. Max Copland.

Offenbach Gaggs, known as Senior Hasbeeni, a Grand Opera Tenor who takes a Company to Cairo and meets with reserves, Mr. Joseph Wilson.

Percy Harold, Ethelbert Van Styvesant of New York, a young Doctor in love with the Casino Girl, Mr. Cecil Curtis.

Ben Muley, Chief of a Gang of Thieves, a Deserter from the French Army, Mr. Stanley White.

Potage, his Lieutenant, Mr. Walter Freear.

First Officer, Mr. Cook.

Laura Lee, formerly of the New York Casino Company known in Cairo as Mdlle. Estelle, a French Milliner, Isa Bowman.

Dolly Twinkle, leading Dancer of the Comic Opera Company, managed by J. Offenbach Gaggs, Miss Gabrielle Ray.

Miss Roxano Rocks, an Heiress from Chicargo, Miss Lilian Stafford.

Lotta Rocks, her Sister, Miss Ethel Allendale.

Mrs. H. Malaprop Rocks, a leader of Chicargo Society, better half of Rocks & Co., Pork Packers to the Western Metropolis, Miss Alice Gordon.

Selim, a Page, Miss Edith St. Clair.

Odaliska, the Pasha’s Favourite, Miss Mabel Levelle.

Miss Broadway, of New York, Miss Wallington.

Miss Chestnut , of Philadelphia, Miss Wabash, of  Chicago, Miss Charles, of  Baltimore, Miss Avenue, of  St. Louis, Miss Kearney, of San Francisco, Members of an Opera Company (Gaggs) Miss Collyer, Miss Napier, Miss Brewster, Miss Vera Trevelyan, and Miss Daisy Trevelyan.

Errand Boy, Mr. U. Grant.


The Richmond Herald – Saturday 14th December 1901



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