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'Gabrielle Ray said, 'I am always dancing; I love it! When I don't dance, I sing. What else is there to do?'

Gabrielle Ray – Bichara – Ritzol Preparations – The Daily Mirror – Wednesday 11th October 1911

MISS GABRIELLE RAY, the famous Gaiety actress, who writes of the Bichara and Ritzol Preparations: “I want to tell you that I think your preparations and perfumes are simply delightful, and that I use them with pleasure.”

Photo. by Fousham and Banfield

Miss Gabrielle Ray’s enthusiasm is shared by leading English and French actresses everywhere. Miss Ellaline Terriss, Miss Irene Vanbrugh, Mrs. Patrick Campbell, Miss Constance Dreyer, Miss Ethel Irving, Miss Elsie Spain, Mlle. Gaby Deslys, Mlle. Polaire, Mlle. Sahary Djeli, and countless others vie with one another in praise of “the delightful Bichara-Ritzol Preparations,” and the reason of this is not far to seek.

It is because the Bichara-Ritzol preparations are, first and foremost, prepared by sound scientific methods; possessing an added daintiness that is essentially Parisian. The Bichara-Ritzol preparations afford a certain means of preserving and enhancing beauty. They are based on a profound knowledge of the skin and the phenomena of the complexion; they are eminently pure, and leading medical men speak in high praise of their hygienic properties. They promote beauty by scientific methods -methods already famous all over the Continent, where the cult of beauty is a recognised profession demanding thorough qualifications – which, until but lately, were unknown in this country.

Mme. Rai, the Manageress of the Bichara Institute, in Piccadilly, is just now making an offer which, throughout Europe, is without parallel in the history of beauty culture. Her experience has been long and comprehensive, and she is convinced that the only certain way of affording to all women a full realisation of the beneficient qualities of the Bichara-Ritzol Preparations is that they should make a personal trial. To this end she offers a complete outfit of the Bichara-Ritzol Preparations and Specialities, in sufficient quantity, for a week’s full treatment


who fill in the attached coupon and forward it to her – the only stipulation being that a P.O. for sixpence should be enclosed as evidence of good faith, which amount may be deducted from the cost of the first purchases. The preparations are contained in a dainty casket, accompanied by a copy of “The Golden Key,” Madame Rai’s invaluable treatise; and a personal letter of advice, the whole being enclosed in a plain, sealed box.

The Casket includes: Ritzol Skin Food, a preparation for use at night, whose emollient qualities obviate blemishes and restore to the face youthful roundness; Lait Veloute, Ritzol Cream, Ritzol Poudre – for the day toilet, the Veloute and Cream to give velvety freshness to the complexion, the powder adding a smooth sheen; Ritzol Concentrated Floral Perfume, a perennial scent; Ritzol Tooth Powder, giving pearly whiteness to the teeth and firmness to the gums.


The Daily Mirror – Wednesday 11th October 1911



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