Gabrielle Ray

'Gabrielle Ray said, 'I am always dancing; I love it! When I don't dance, I sing. What else is there to do?'

Gladys Ray – Aladdin – The Beckenham Journal – Saturday 20th October 1906



It is welcome news to learn that Mr. Bannister Howard intends to revive old fashioned pantomine at the crystal Palace Theatre. That style of entertainment which has been called pantomime during the past few years has become rather boring and has not been particularly amusing, either to grown-up people or children. Any effort. therefore, to return to the s rollicking performances of bygone days deserves to be supported and no doubt Mr. Howard’s enterprise will be crowned with success.

The subject of the pantomime is the old favorite story of Aladdin and in the hands of so experienced a pantomine writer as Mr. Fred. Bowyer great things may be expected. No expense is to be spared and an excellent company has been secured. Miss Lillie Lassah will impersonate Aladdin, Miss Lillie Gallick – the Princess, Mr. Arthur Pool – Abanazar, Mr. A. E. Passmore  – Widow Twankey, the Ongar Brothers  –  Policemen and speciality turn. Miss Nellie Barnwell – Second Boy, Miss Gladys Ray, a sister of Miss Gabrielle Ray, who was originally brought out by Mr. Howard – Second Girl. Miss Josephine Sullivan – a fairy, and Mr. J. D. Cawdery – demon and clown, who will also work the traps. He was at one time with Conquest and is one of the oldest left who works the traps.

The Harlequinade and Shadow pantomine will be a strong feature of the entertainment. The pantomine will be produced by Mr. C. Lake and Mr. Joseph Sainton will compose and arrange the music. Mr. W. E. Sharpe will still continue to actively manage the front of the theatre.


The Beckenham Journal – Saturday 20th October 1906


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