Gabrielle Ray

'Gabrielle Ray said, 'I am always dancing; I love it! When I don't dance, I sing. What else is there to do?'

Gabrielle Ray – Divorce – Modern Life – Saturday 22nd August 1914

Eric Loder “Keeps His Word!”

Gabrielle Ray has got her “decree,” and she and Eric Loder have parted for ever. Not much sympathy is usually felt for the parties in theatrical divorce suits, but the Loder-Ray case had certain aspects of an unusual character. We know the secret facts, so can tell frankly. Unlike most marriages of its kind, it was the pretty actress and not the Baronet’s son who was “in love.” Not that Eric Loder was not completely infatuated by his charming spouse before the marriage.

They were both terribly smitten, in fact.

The union didn’t last a year, however, and when Eric finally left his wife it was “for ever.” We told Gabrielle Ray that her husband never intended returning to her over a year ago, but she wouldn’t believe it, and after secured her “restitution” order she waited patiently and broken-heartedly for a full year to see if the wandering husband would return, in spite of our definite information that he wouldn’t. The fact that Eric had left his wife for ever was conveyed in these columns on August 16 of last year. Gabrielle had secured her restitution order in the previous month.


Where Eric’s Intentions are of Keen Interest.

This is what I said: “I learn that there is no probability of Mr. Eric Loder ever returning to Miss Gabrielle Ray. The marriage was one of love without sympathy. A sudden mad infatuation, maintained at a degree of theatrical tension which soon resulted in marriage, was found to be no bond at all when the jars of married life had to be surmounted. Eric Loder, being “in love,” boldly faced social ostracism, and the intense annoyance of his family, only to repent before he had been married a month.”

Under the order Eric Loder had fourteen days in which to return to his wife, and though she waited a whole year he never returned. They often met, however. They were even at picture balls together. But not as in the days of yore. Eric Loder remains one of the stage-door nuts, however. At the Adelphi his “intentions” are a subject of peculiar interest, now that he is free once more.


“Lucky Loder’s” Hard Luck!

Moreover, Eric Loder has just bees relieved of the “advice” of the most powerful of his relations. Poor Major Loder (“Lucky Loder,” they called him at Newmarket) had sympathy with his nephew. Women never had the Major “by the neck.” Eustace Loder was at one time in the 12th Lancers, but having done fifteen years without having seen a gun fired in anger or getting a single day on foreign service, he chucked the Army in disgust, and gave himself over to the Turf, with the wonderful luck which all the world knows. It was Major Eustace Loder who may be said to have sealed the Entente Cordiale.


An Historic “Double.”

That was in 1906, when the French President, Fallieres, grasped his hand, and congratulated him upon winning the Grand Prix with the same horse (Spearmint) which had won the Derby but a few weeks before – the first horse to do this “double” for thirty-tour years! Poor Eustace Loder often referred with some bitterness to his hard luck in never getting an opportunity of useful service during his fifteen years in the Army, and it is surely the keenest of ironies that had he lived another month that opportunity would have been his with his Imperial Yeomanry corps against the forces of the Deutschland!


Modern Life – Saturday 22nd August 1914


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