Gabrielle Ray

'Gabrielle Ray said, 'I am always dancing; I love it! When I don't dance, I sing. What else is there to do?'

Gabrielle Ray – Betty – The London Daily News – Saturday 30th October 1915



Those who have not yet seen “Betty,” or intend to see it again, may rest assured that the alterations in the east, made by the musical play to be produced the Adelphi Theatre, have not detracted from the sprightliness and humour of the piece.

Mr. Lauri de Frece, whose methods are in direct contrast with Mr. W H. Berry’s, is a most entertaining Achille Jotte. That Court dressmaker’s head model is now played by Miss Gabrielle Ray, who dances as gracefully as ever. The audience at Daly’s Theatre last night gave her a great welcome on her return to the stage. There are some other alterations in the cast, the most noticeable being Mr. Tom Wallis in Mr. G. P. Huntley’s old part.

It is very easy to imitate Mr. Huntley but difficult to follow him; but Mr. Wallis was successful. Several additions to piece have been made to its advantage. Miss Winifred Barnes is still the Betty, and is more charming than ever. An animated Greuze, she sings as prettily as she dances.


The London Daily News – Saturday 30th October 1915


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