Gabrielle Ray

'Gabrielle Ray said, 'I am always dancing; I love it! When I don't dance, I sing. What else is there to do?'

Major and Mrs Eric Loder with the Duke and Duchess of Windsor – 1941



Major Loder was formally married to Gabrielle Ray in 1912, later divorced in 1915, then Lady Iris Lawson in 1920 until their divorce in 1928. He married his third wife, Eleanor Curran in 1932.

During their frequent trips around Europe they became friendly with the Windsor’s (Wallis Simpson and the Duke of Windsor) The Montreal Gazzette, 27th December 1937 reported that “The Windsor’s called Christmas afternoon at the Villa of Major and Mrs Eric Loder near Juan les Pins and had tea in the garden overlooking the sea”

When the Windsor’s lived in America the FBI were charged with the responsibility of monitoring their contacts as both were suspected of being Nazi sympathisers. It had been reported by the British government to the F.B.I. because of this that the Government had refused to allow Edward to marry Mrs Simpson and remain on the throne in the interest of the morale of the British people. They claim that the Duke is in such a state of intoxication most of the time that he is virtually non compos mentis.

It seems that the F.B.I. suspected that the Duchess could have been transferring messages to her German friends via her dry cleaning and that her dentist would need to be check on her dentist whom she visited in the Bahamas as well as the people they spoke to.

The Windsor’s attended a cocktail party at 3:00 P.M on April 20, 1941 hosted by Mrs. Hugh Dillman in their honour at their home in Palm Beach, Florida, a record of all the guests attending was recorded including Mr. and Mrs. Eric Loder with Miss Pamela Loder, Mr Loder’s daughter. No history of the guests was obtained as they were “people of Palm Beach of prominence who would not have had an opportunity otherwise to see the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.”

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