Gabrielle Ray

'Gabrielle Ray said, 'I am always dancing; I love it! When I don't dance, I sing. What else is there to do?'

Gabrielle Ray – Wedding – The Newmarket Journal – Saturday 9th March 1912



Miss Gabrielle Ray, the musical comedy actress, whose wedding was at the last moment postponed on Thursday, was quietly married on the following day to Mr. Eric Loder, at the Roman Catholic Church of St. Edward, Windsor.

Nothing was known of the ceremony in the town until it was nearly over, and the only people present in the church were the registrar, the organist, the choir boys, and the head-mistress, teaching staff, and some of the girl pupils of St. Edward’s School.

The bride was dressed in a costume of cream serge, trimmed with braid, with a mauve slouch hat and a large fur. She carried a shower bouquet of Parma violets.

The names of the bride and bridegroom we entered in the register as “Eric Raymond Loder, twenty-three, independent means,” and “Gabrielle Elisabeth Clifford Cooke, twenty eight, spinster.”


The Newmarket Journal – Saturday 9th March 1912

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Gabrielle Ray (Rotary 1677 B)

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Gabrielle Ray – The Casino Girl – The Oxford Chronicle and Reading Gazette – Friday 1st November 1901


 Mr. Ben Greet’s “Casino Girl” Company pays a welcome visit to the New Theatre next week. The personal abilities of the leading artistes in “The Casino Girl” -Mesdames Isa Bowman, Gabrielle Ray, etc., and Messrs. Joseph Wilson, Max Copland, Little Ganty, Stanley White, etc. – are in themselves sufficient to make even a dull play lively. When, however, they have scope in a play like “The Casino Girl,” with its smart dialogue and flowing lines wedded to tuneful airs and ludicrous situations, it affords an evening’s entertainment of special acceptability to Oxford.


The Oxford Chronicle and Reading Gazette – Friday 1st November 1901

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