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Eric Loder – The Dundee Evening Telegraph – Monday 4th April 1921


London to Brighton in 11 ¾ Hours.


Major Eric Loder won the London to Brighton walk yesterday, covering the distance in 11 ¾ hours against Captain Buckmaster’s 12 hours.

As Big Ben chimed the midnight hour on Saturday the rival clubmen set out on their walk, the object being to settle wager of £100 a side.

It was anybody’s race until Sussex was reached, when Major Loder, walking in fine style, got ahead of his opponent. Captain Buckmaster saw the distance increasing, and when he decided to endeavour to catch Major Loder the task was too difficult. Major Loder arrived at Brighton very fit. On behalf of Captain Buckmaster, Mr Harry Preston, Royal York Hotel. Brighton, promptly issued another challenge to Major Loder. The competitors found the weather very hot, and Captain Buckmaster described the dust from motorists on the road as something terrible and the condition of the road in places as awful.

Captain H. Buckmaster (husband of Miss Gladys Cooper) and Major Eric Loder (the famous squash rackets player) are members of the Bucks Club, and last year when the same walk was attempted Captain Buckmaster was the only one to finish. His challenger on the previous occasion was Captain Renton, who gat as far as Croydon, and what prompted the challenge on the first occasion was the fact that after a dinner celebrate the Grand National Captain Buckmaster remarked that he felt “as fit as a fiddle and ready to walk to Brighton.”

This year Major Eric Loder took up the challenge. Both gentlemen had undergone a stiff period of training. A car containing food accompanied them.


The Dundee Evening Telegraph – Monday 4th April 1921




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