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'Gabrielle Ray said, 'I am always dancing; I love it! When I don't dance, I sing. What else is there to do?'

Gabrielle Ray – Actor’s Orphanage Fund – The Westminster Gazette – Wednesday 29th June 1910




A great company of bright people was to be seen yesterday at the Botanic Gardens, when the annual “theatrical garden-party” was held in aid of the Actors’ Orphanage Fund. It was a very gay afternoon.

Many very well-known and very popular actors and actresses worked hard all the time in aid of the charity they desired to help. Miss Winifred Emery ran an ice-cream tent; Miss Lilian Braithwaite and Miss Ethel Irving dispensed strawberries and cream; Miss Lena Ashwell, Miss Eva Moore, and Miss Constance Collier conducted the “Lake Tea Chalet”; Miss Erie Greene, Miss Ruth Vincent, Miss Isabel Jay, and Miss Louie Pounds were among the ladies who sold picture postcards and other portraits; Miss Pauline Chase, Miss Gertie Millar, Miss Gabrielle Ray, Mr. Gerald du Maurier, and Mr. Henry Ainley looked after the fortunes of a shooting-gallery; Miss Marie Lohr sold roses.

Some particularly hard, work was accomplished, too, at “The National Memorial Theatre within the grounds,” where Mr. Cyril Maude played the villain in an entirely new and enchanting melodrama of real life, in four acts – a “timorous, terrifying tincture of tragedy” – entitled “The Pick of Oakham, or the Girl with the Bad Habit.” Mr. Maude was certainly supported by a company as strong as the melodrama, the members including Miss Maidie Hope, Miss Hilda Trevelyan, Mr. E. M. Robson, Mr. Kenneth Douglas, Mr. Lennox Pawle, Mr. Harry Nicholls, and Mr. Lionel Rignold. Lord George Grossmith, jun.’s, Imperial Circus was still more wildly funny. Mr. Edmund Payne led a strenuous life while it lasted under his “management.” And an immense amount of labour was cheerfully carried out by the celebrated “Water Rats,” who gave a continuous performance.

There were also hair-dressing and hat-trimming competitions, judged by Mrs. George Alexander, and an exhilarating cricket match between actors and actresses, captained respectively by Mr. Charles Hawtrey and Miss Vane Featherstone.


The Westminster Gazette – Wednesday 29th June 1910


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Gabrielle Ray – Betty – The Westminster Gazette – Monday 1st November 1915


The attractions of “Betty” at Daly’s have now been reinforced by the inclusion of Miss Gabrielle Ray in the cast. She takes the part, not of the heroine, as some perhaps might have wished, but of the saucy Estelle, the costumier’s model, a part which suits her style and capabilities quite well, although, as hinted, some of her admirers might prefer to see rather more of her. As it is, her appearances are somewhat intermittent for one whose popularity with the public is so considerable. Of course she had a very hearty reception and did all that was required in her own quite characteristic manner. A second newcomer of note in the cast is Mr. Lauri de Frece, who has Mr. Berry’s old part as the mercurial Court Dressmaker, Achille Jotte, whose function in life is, as he explains, to prescribe the shape of the ladies in high life with each revolving year. At present Mr. De Frece is not quite so entertaining as Mr. Berry, who sets indeed an exacting standard in this kind of role, but this is by no means to imply that he did not afford plenty of amusement, and doubtless in due course he will be funnier still. For Mr. G. P. Huntley in the part of the talkative Lord Playne a passable substitute has been found in Mr. Tom Walis, who wisely makes no attempt to reproduce his predecessor’s inimitable mannerisms, while Miss Winifred Barnes, Mr. Donald Calthrop, and Mr. C. M. Lowne represent other leading characters as before, and in all other respects the piece, which, if not the strongest of its class, yet has not a few good points, goes gaily as ever.

H. A. S.

The Westminster Gazette  Monday 1st November 1915

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