Gabrielle Ray

'Gabrielle Ray said, 'I am always dancing; I love it! When I don't dance, I sing. What else is there to do?'

Gabrielle Ray – Wedding – The Express and Telegraph, Saturday, April 13th 1912




Miss Gabrielle Ray, the charming musical comedy actress, provided surprise one day last month, in being quietly married to Mr. Eric Loder at St. Edward’s Roman Catholic Church, Windsor. The ceremony was originally fixed for the previous day, but although the church was decorated and the bridegroom, the priest, the choir, and the organist were ready, there was no wedding because no bride came.

The reason Miss Ray gave to curious enquirers at her London flat for her apparently strange action was that she was too unwell to go through the ceremony. The following morning, however, she had so far recovered as to be able to motor over to Windsor.

No one expected such a sudden recovery, and when the wedding party drove up at 10.30 to Canon Longinotto’s residence not a member of the faithful public was in sight. Mr. Loder lumped out of his car, and, taking Miss Ray’s arm, he led her into the house.

 Choir Boys Sent For.

The decision to be married that morning seemed to have been arrived at very rapidly, for a wait had to be made while the organist, the registrar, and the choir boys were sent for. In about half an hour’s time they were collected. In even shorter time the public, in some mysterious way, had heard of what was happening, and by the time the wedding party was ready to leave the canon’s house many had assembled round about the house and the church. It was soon evident, however, that the bride and bridegroom were not in the least wishful for any popular demonstration, for the doors of the church were rigidly locked. The bride and bridegroom slipped stealthily through the canon’s kitchen garden to the back door of the church, and Mr. Loder held a big umbrella close down over Miss Ray’s head.

Just a Glimpse.

All that could be seen of her was that she was wearing a vivid mustard-coloured costume and carried a large bunch of violets. Glimpses of a soft mauve hat could also be occasionally caught. The service was a short one. Before the ceremony the bride and bridegroom sat down on chairs in front of the altar. They then advanced to the altar rails. Miss Ray made her responses in a clear voice, which could be heard throughout the church.

The register was signed as follows:-

Eric Raymond Loder, twenty-three, bachelor, independent means, son of Alfred Basil Loder, deceased. Address, 44, Alma road, New Windsor.

Gabrielle Elizabeth Clifford Cooke, twenty-eight, spinster, independent means, of 48, Coleherne-crescent, Kensington. W.

The same mysterious methods were observed after the wedding was over. Again the back door of the church was used and the kitchen garden traversed to the canon’s residence, where lunch was partaken of.

A last ruse was resorted to. About half-past twelve a big covered car was brought round to the back entrance of the canon’s house, while an open car took its stand outside the front door.

A World Tour.

 The crowd, which had now swelled considerably, had no doubt at all that the open car was a blind, and hurried round to the back. But they were once again badly defeated, for Mr. and Mrs. Loder, both smiling, suddenly appeared at the front door, and hurriedly getting into the open car drove rapidly away. Perhaps they suddenly relented, or perhaps it was that they wanted to have a last laugh at the crowd, for the car, after going a little way, checked, swung round, and drove past the back door, right by the waiting crowd. As it was vanishing Mrs Loder turned round and waved a gloved hand to them. A few faint cheers were raised by the slightly dazed and bewildered public. The honeymoon is to be spent in a world tour, which embraces Africa and India, Mr and Mrs Loder are to be absent from England at least six months.

On their return they are to live in the country. Whether Mrs Loder will be seen on the stage again is another matter.


The Express and Telegraph, Saturday, April 13th 1912

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