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'Gabrielle Ray said, 'I am always dancing; I love it! When I don't dance, I sing. What else is there to do?'

The Orchid – Pall Mall Gazette – Thursday 1st December 1904



The best always good enough for most us, but usually because are slow in seeing how the best may improved. The ordinary playgoer would hardly be so bold as to revise a popular comedy like “The Orchid,” for revision of established success is a ticklish task. Last night, however, saw a “re-production” of Mr. Tanner’s musical play, which meant fresh costumes, fresh dialogue in many places, and the insertion of many smart new numbers. For instance, new songs have been given to Miss Gertie Millar, Miss Connie Ediss, Miss Gabrielle Ray, and Miss Marie Studholme, among the ladies; and there were novelties for Mr. Lionel Mackinder, including rattling Irish ditty called “ Kate O’Malley,” followed by the infectious Irish jig from Miss Olive May and the corps all round the stage. One might almost say all round the house, for there were very few members of the audience who could keep their toes still while the thing was on.

One of the songs, and certainly the most topical, “The Beauty and the Barge”; another, for Miss Gertie Millar, is “Don’t Mind the Dark.” “Little Blanche Marie” is the title of Miss Studholme’s new success, and one that sure to find an echo of some sort in the pantomimes. The most daring innovation is a “cart-wheel” at the end of one of Miss Gabrielle Ray’s dances, and one could hardly desire more contrast than is provided the dance, which converts a group of automobiles into seaside loungers in bathing attire. The new version “The Orchid,” as we have said enough to show, should give it a new lease of life and run it well into next year, till its successor is ready.


Pall Mall Gazette – Thursday 1st December 1904

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Gabrielle Ray as “Dolly Twinkle” in “The Casino Girl”

The Casino Girl (Rotary 1677 R)


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