Gabrielle Ray

'Gabrielle Ray said, 'I am always dancing; I love it! When I don't dance, I sing. What else is there to do?'

Gabrielle Ray – British Players and their Art – The Bournemouth Graphic – Friday 4th June 1920

Miss Gabrielle Ray


A letter from Mr. C. B. Cochran, the well-known theatrical manager, to the Press, in which he states that “the British stage is a hot-bed of snobbery,” and that “our leading actors and actresses think more of a nod from a duchess or a tea party with Lady X than of proficiency in their art,” has been indignantly denied by members of the profession. Miss Gabrielle Ray, the famous musical comedy star, who is making her first appearance at Boscombe Hippodrome with her charming entertainment next week, was recently asked for her opinion. “There are a few exceptions, of course,” she said, “but I believe that the great majority of British players are very keen indeed on their art. I know that I am. It would not matter to me whether I were playing at Buckingham Palace or a music hall. I should experience the sensations I always feel, and try to produce the atmosphere I always do try to produce. Given a good part you cannot help but devote yourself to it if you’ve any brains at all. You’ve no time to wonder who is in front – dukes or duchesses or anyone else. And in any case it is not for Mr. Cochran to decry ‘a nod from a duchess or a tea party with Lady X.’ He knows as well as anyone how it helps his business, and like every other manager he is keen on his artistes being a social success. If our actors and actresses are only given the chance they will show Mr. Cochran whether they are proficient or not. At present they only get the flimsiest parts in which there is really nothing to do but look pretty – that is why so many of them are engaged, I think. But we are not snobs,” Miss Ray concluded. “Most people are at some time or other, and you will find less on the stage than in any other walk of life.”


The Bournemouth Graphic – Friday 4th June 1920



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Gabrielle Ray – The Lady Dandies – The Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News – Saturday 30th March 1907

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