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Amy Webster – Daily Telegraph & Courier (London) – Saturday 27th March 1909

Before the PRESIDENT.



Lieutenant Owain Edward Greaves, an officer the 3rd Hussars, asked for a divorce from his wife Mrs. Amy Greaves, on account her misconduct with Mr. Eric Loder and Mr. George Jervis Wood. The case stood in the official list one which was be heard his lordship with a special jury, but when came for trial it was undefended.

Mr. Rufus Isaacs, K.C., Mr. Barnard. K.C. and Mr. J. Harvey Murphy (instructed by Messers, Lewis and Lewis) appeared for Lieutenant Greaves, Mr. F. E. Smith, K.C., Mr. Walter Frampton, Mr. Barrington Ward (instructed by Messers, Arthur Newton and Co.) represented Mrs. Greaves, while Sir Edward Carson, K. C., and Mr. Willock (instructed by Messers. Mackrell and Ward) were for Mr. Wood. Mr. Eric Loder, the other respondent was not represented by counsel.

In opening the case, Mr. Rufus Iassacs said that the petition was presented Mr. Owain Edward Greaves, a lieutenant in the 3rd Hussars, against his wife, who was a Miss Amy Webster, who was on the Stage. They were married in March, 1906, and some nine or ten months afterwards Lieutenant Greaves went with his regiment to India. Subsequently it was found that the lady had been staying at hotels at Worthing and Brighton, first with Mr. Eric and then with Mr. Wood.

Lieutenant Greaves, replying to Mr. Isaacs, said he first became acquainted with Miss Amy Webster about August, 1905. She was then on the stage. On March 15, 1906, they were married the Fulham Registry Office. For some time Mrs. Greaves occupied a flat at Twyford mansions, which was provided by witness. The marriage was kept secret, because witness was in difficulty about announcing it, having regard to the position he occupied in his regiment. Subsequently he exchanged into the 3rd Hussars, and went to India, provision being made for his wife while he was absent. During the time he was away they corresponded regularly, and in affectionate terms.

Mr. George H. Warne, proprietor of Warne’s Hotel, Worthing, said that in September, 1907, a lady and gentleman stayed there under name of Mr. and Mrs. Forsyth. They occupied communicating rooms. Emily Francis, who was chambermaid at Warne’s Hotel, said she had identified the lady who stayed the hotel under name of Mrs. Forsyth as the respondent in that suit.

Gilbert E. Smith, a chauffeur, stated that had seen Mr. Eric Loder at Worthing, and had driven that gentlemen and a lady on several occasions. Witness identified the lady as Mrs. Greaves, who was sitting next to her solicitor.

Mary Robertson, chambermaid the Hotel Metropole, Brighton, was then called. She remembered Mr. Wood staying at the hotel with a lady. They occupied communicating rooms.

At this stage Sir Edward Carson said did not propose to ask any questions on behalf of his client, Mr. Wood.

Mr. Smith also said did not propose to ask any questions.

Mr. Percy Hill, assistant manager of the Hotel Metropole, Brighton, said knew Mr. Wood and also the respondent. They had been guests at the hotel on several occasions.

The President: Very well, there must be a decree.

Sir Edward Canon asked that there should be no order as to costs against the co-respondents; there was no allegation that it was known that respondent was married woman.

The President made no order as to costs.

Mr. Isaacs: I think your lordship ought to know that some provision had been made for the wife, and also with reference the furniture of the flat she occupies.


The Daily Telegraph & Courier (London) – Saturday 27th March 1909


Mr George H. Warne, the proprietor of Warne’s Hotel, Worthing, said that in September, 1907, a man and woman stayed at his hotel as Mr and Mrs Forsyth. They occupied rooms 26 and 27, which consisted of a  double-bedded room and dressing-room communicating.

Emily France, a chambermaid at Warne’s Hotel, stated that she found a breakfast tray for two in room 26. .She subsequently identified the lady who accompanied Mr Loder as the respondent, Mrs Greaves.


The Shields Daily News – Saturday 27th March 1909


Eric Loder – Yorkshire Evening Post – 1909

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