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'Gabrielle Ray said, 'I am always dancing; I love it! When I don't dance, I sing. What else is there to do?'

Bessie Ray – The Belle of New York – The Era – Saturday 2nd February 1901



THEATRE ROYAL. – Lessee and Manager, Mr Alexander Wright, – The Belle of New York was performed here at this theatre on Monday by Mr Ben Greet’s No. 1 company. The part of Ichabod Bronson is well filled by Mr Arthur Ricketts. Harry Bronson has a capital representative in Mr Charles Gervase. As Carl Von Pumperknick Mr Peter H. Gardner gives a clever portrayal. Mr Tom Carling is extremely amusing as “Doc” Snifkins. Mr William Pringle makes an excellent Blinky Bill M’Quirk. Mr James R. La Fane is smart as Kenneth Mugg. Messrs Clayton and Gilford acquit themselves admirably as Counts Patsi Rattatoe. William D’Arey is good Twiddles. Mr T. Syme makes a quaint Snooper. Mr W. James is successful as Peeper. Mr L. Jones proves able exponent of Billy Breese. Miss Daisy Semon is very attractive Violet Gray, singing agreeably. Miss Nellie Bowman is lively Fifi Fricot. Miss B. Ease is vivacious Kissie Fitzgarter. Miss Elaine Gryee makes pleasing Cora Angelique. The subsidiary parts are in competent hands, and receive careful treatment from Messrs Alec Chantrens, C. Leonard, W. Smith; and Misses Bessie Ray, Sophie Clarkson, and G. Nelsam. A Chinese dance by Misses Marie Gilbert, Sophie Clarkson, Maud Eaton, and Jessie Vokes, is much appreciated. The play is exceedingly well staged, and the costumes are pretty and effective


The Era – Saturday 2nd February 1901

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