Gabrielle Ray

'Gabrielle Ray said, 'I am always dancing; I love it! When I don't dance, I sing. What else is there to do?'

Picture Postcard Craze – Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser – 1908


Picture Postcard Craze

The picture postcard mania, which has reached greater proportions than ever did the postage stamp craze, shows no sign of diminishing. One everywhere meets enthusiasts who boast of collections running into several thousands; and among these collections actresses, of course, figure most prominently. The honour of being the most popular actress in England, from the picture postcard standpoint falls to Miss Gabrielle Ray, now playing in “The Merry Widow,” under Mr George Edwardes’ management. A well known firm of picture postcard makers has issued no fewer than 300 different poses of this actress, and still the cry of the public is for more. Other pictures of Miss Ray are being turned out as fast as she can be got to pose. Phyllis Dare comes second in the number of poses of her that are on the market. About 250 different ones can now be obtained. They mostly go to swell the collections of admirers scattered up and down the country, many of whom may have seen her in the flesh but once in their lives, but who will swear by her for the rest of her stage career. Her elder sister, Miss Zena Dare, runs her closely in picture postcard honours, for that charming young lady looks at you in some 200 different ways from the shop windows. Miss Billie Burke, who is a big favourite with theatrical audiences, is even a greater attraction on the picture postcard. One hundred and twenty five poses of her may be bought, while Miss Pauline Chase boasts about 100 cards. Miss Camille Clifford, who created a sensation by her shape and pose in “The Gibson Girl,” still has 50 varieties on the market, though she married and left the stage a long time ago. Miss Marie George, so popular in Drury Lane pantomimes, is responsible for an addition of 30 to the list; while the joyous manner of Happy Fanny Fields has charmed the picture man into 16 attempts to catch the inimitable humour of her smile.

Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser – Friday 17th April 1908


Picture Post Card Monthly – Edwardian Actresses, Picture Postcard Contracts – 2013

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