Gabrielle Ray

'Gabrielle Ray said, 'I am always dancing; I love it! When I don't dance, I sing. What else is there to do?'

The Dollar Princess Souvenir Programme – 1910

Dublin Daily Express - Monday 26 September 1910

The “Dollar Princess”

There was a great rush for seats at Daly’s Theatre on Saturday night for the first anniversary of the “Dollar Princess.” After her success with the “Merry Widow” it seemed difficult for Miss Lily Elsie to score another triumph, but she has done so, and the celebration was marked by a souvenir of signed portraits of all the chief artists presented to everyone in the house. Miss Gabrielle Ray, Miss Elizabeth Firth, Mr. Joseph Coyne, Mr. Michaels, and Mr. Berry all had an enthusiastic welcome. There are fresh topical numbers for Mr. Berry, including a hit at Mr. Lloyd George, and the dances and songs are now recognised favourites, but have kept their freshness all the same. Not the least reason for that is the brilliant way in which the musical comedy is produced, with Mr. George Edwardes at his best.

Dublin Daily Express – Monday 26 September 1910

London Daily News - Monday 26 September 1910

Form IV. At Daly’s

“The Dollar Princess’s” birthday celebrations passed off at Daly’s Theatre on Saturday night with plenty of enthusiasm and a hearty exchange of greetings between the audience and their old favourites in the piece. The rousing reception accorded to Miss Lily Elsie, Mr. Joseph Coyne, and the other leading members as they made their appearance on the stage somewhat delayed the progress of the performance; but it was a delay which seemed to add to the evening’s fun. No new songs have been introduced into the piece, but Mr. W. H. Berry, the bi-eyed humorist, has added a new verse to his topical song bearing on the supposed difficulties of filling up Form IV. Me. George Edwards celebrated the anniversary performance by giving away beautiful souvenirs.

London Daily News – Monday 26th September 1910

Form 4 – Land

Lloyd George’s budget of 1909 required land owners to complete Form IV identifying their property for the purposes of taxation and some twelve million copies were printed and distributed.

The Dollar Princess Souvenir Programme – 1910


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