Gabrielle Ray

'Gabrielle Ray said, 'I am always dancing; I love it! When I don't dance, I sing. What else is there to do?'

Gabrielle Ray – The Tatler – 1915

Gabrielle Ray - The Tatler - 1st December 1915


And as the war seems to have brought back to the stage a kind of rejuvenation of simple, irresponsible things, so, too, it has brought back old favourites whom the playgoing world adored years – well, the days of peace do seem like years and years ago. Lily Elsie in Mavourneen shows us that she is just as adorably sweet and dainty as ever; and Gabrielle Ray in Betty proves once more that, in spite of the strenuous style of the successful American revue artist, her kind of spoilt-child, wayward, careless, but distinctly personal charm is just as potent as ever.

The Tatler, 1st December 1915


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Betty – The Graphic – 1915

Betty - The Graphic - 6th November 1915


The return of Miss Gabrielle ray to the stage gives a new interest to “Betty” at Daly’s, where she plays Estelle. She has lost none of her old charm in her retirement from public life. Mr. Donald Calthorp still plays the wayward young earl, and in Mr. Huntley’s absence Mr. Tom Walls as Lord Playne, gets many a laugh with his droll drawl. The title-role of “Betty” remains in the charming keeping of Miss Barnes.

The Graphic, 6th November 1915

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Flying Colours – The Illustrated London News – 1916

Flying Colours - The Illustrated London News - 23rd September 1916

“Flying Colours,” at the Hippodrome.

The Hippodrome management has made a change in its chief comedian. In place of Mr. Harry Tate there comes Little Tich, figuring in a variety of disguises – now a jockey, now a toreador, now a Spanish dame – with plenty of occasions for drollery. Spain has its share in the scenario and a very beautiful background against which Mr. Bertrum Wallis sings a ballad in his best style. A dancing carnival provides an even more picturesque spectacle, though for popularity it will be run close by a most humorous and realistic trench-sketch, invented by Captain Bairnsfather and Mr. Macdonald Hastings, and produced quite in the sprit of the soldier-artist’s famous drawings. For the rest, we get an all – too – brief glimpse of Miss Gabrielle Ray, and some most spirited dancing from Netta Rianza.

The Illustrated London News – 23rd September 1916

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Flying Colours – The Sketch – 1916

London is glad to welcome Miss Gabrielle Ray back to the stage, the scene for her of many former triumphs. As a musical-comedy actress she had the distinction of being one of the most photographed of stage beauties. Now she has gone into revue, and, as our illustrations show, has lost none of her charm. In Flying Colours at the Hippodrome, she takes the part of the Milliner Maid in the Fashion Parade scene, and joins Little Tich (as the Manager) in a highly successful duet, “I Didn’t Believe You,” and another song, with chorus of milliners. In the Riding School,” she appears as the Poodle Clown.

The Sketch, 11th October 1916

Mr De Courville, writing in the Daily Mirror, “The Morning’s Gossip,” 2nd September 1916 asks the question, “has anyone seen Miss Gabrielle Ray’s poodle dog? Well, you will all be asking the question presently.”

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