Gabrielle Ray

'Gabrielle Ray said, 'I am always dancing; I love it! When I don't dance, I sing. What else is there to do?'

Betty – The Sketch – 1915

Betty - The Sketch - 20th October 1915


The Sketch 20th October 1915

It was announced recently that Miss Gabrielle Ray, that popular musical-comedy actress and dancer, had decided to return to the scene of her former triumphs, the London stage. London, naturally, was very glad to hear the news. Miss Ray is due to appear on Wednesday of this week (October 20) in Betty at Daly s, whose highly successful run gives no sign of flagging. Her new part is that of Estelle the Court dressmaker’s head model, hitherto played by Miss Mabel Sealby. The latter, it may be mentioned, is joining the cast of the new piece at the Adelphi. Several new numbers are being introduced into “Betty,” along with Miss Gabrielle Ray’s appearance in the piece. Our readers will recall that she retired from the stage at the end of 1911. In a recent interview she said “Going back to Daly’s Theatre is almost like returning home after a long absence. The risk that I may be forgotten makes me nervous, but I have not forgotten the theatre, and I have not forgotten how to dance.”– [Photographs exclusive to The Sketch.” by Foulsham & Banfield Ltd.]

Unfortunately the page isn’t complete but the pictures in the article are as follows;

Gabrielle Ray (Rotary A.1103 – 4)

“A Naiad-like attitude. Miss Ray in a rural retreat.”

Gabrielle Ray (Rotary A.1104-4)

“I have not forgotten how to dance.”

Gabrielle Ray (Rotary A 296 – 1)

“The face at the window.”

Gabrielle Ray (Rotary B.66-1)

“Types of English beauty: Miss Ray and a very handsome friend.”

Gabrielle Ray (Rotary B.65-1)

“Crossing the brook”


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