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Basil Loder – Marriage – 1908




Announcement is made of the marriage of Miss Barbara Deane who has been appearing with so much success in “The Gordons” at the Aldwych, to Mr. Basil Loder, of the Scots Guards. Miss Deane (Kate Davies), who is twenty-eight, was born Pembroke, and made her first appearance in “The Cherry Girl” the Vaudeville when the piece was produced at Christmas, 1903, and subsequently played in “The Catch of the Season” and “The Beauty of Bath.”” She was under a long engagement with Mr. Frohman and Mr. Seymour Hicks, but is stated that she has now definitely retired from the stage. Mr. Loder is a Second Lieutenant in the Scots Guards, having joined the regiment in August last.


Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser – Tuesday 21st January 1908




 The marriage of Lieutenant Basil Loder the Scots Guards to Miss Barbara Deane, of the “Gay Gordons” Company, has had an unlooked-for sequel. Mr Loder has resigned his commission, having sacrificed his promising career with that famous regiment to wed girl of his heart, rather than seek partner from some other rank in society.

The “”New York World” announced last week that Lieutenant Basil Loder had been requested by his brother officers to resign account of his marriage to Miss Deane. At the headquarters of the Scots Guards in London it was ascertained by a “Sunday Chronicle” representative that Mr Loder had sent in his papers a few days ago, and that they had been accepted.

The statement of the “New York World” was submitted Lieutenant Colonel F. W. Romilly, the officer commanding the Scots Guards.

“It true that Lieutenant Basil Loder has resigned,” said Colonel Romilly, “”but he resigned quite voluntarily. Having married an actress he would, of course, retire from the regiment. An officer of the Guards cannot marry an actress and remain in the regiment. If a person in one rank of  life marries a person another rank – well!”

“And was Lieutenant Loder aware this at the time his marriage?”

“Certainly. He knew that married an actress must resign.”

“Had he counted the cost, then?”

“Yes. You see, his wife could not be presented at Court.”

“I am very sorry to lose Lieutenant Loder,” said Colonel Romilly at the close the interview. “He was a young officer who was doing very well.”

Mr Basil Loder is 22, and rich. Mr Seymour Hicks’s company has already provided three peeresses.

The Aberdeen Press and Journal – Tuesday 11th February 1908

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