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Canary Diamond – The Argus (Melbourne) – 1956

The Canary Diamond - The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. wednesday 6 June 1956


Jewels she cannot resist – Elsa Maxwell

Recently, she was disturbed to learn that her friend, Mrs. Eric Loder, had bought the Canary diamond which she had coveted after seeing it at a jewellers in Paris.

Immediately she went to Harry Winston, world famous for his jewels.

“I want to see your larger diamonds,” she announced.

She was, of course, shown the choicest stones in the fabulous Winston collection.

But the memory of Mrs. Loder’s Canary diamond bedevilling her she could not be satisfied.

“They aren’t large enough,” she said-and left.

Before I departed from the Windsors’ circle I was not alone in feeling resentment at the sight of the Duchess bedecked with some of the jewels of the late Queen Alexandra.

It was entirely natural to her that if she wanted clothes in the Bahamas, models must fly out from New York.

Despite the official criticism of her extravagance, however (and to some extent criticism of him, too), I believe this Governorship of the Bahamas to have been the happiest of all the Duke of Windsor’s exiled days.

He had seriously wanted to become Ambassador in Washington and Governor General of Canada.

And no amount of representation on his part could win him either job.

The Bahamas-In war- time-were scarcely as vital as the jobs he had in mind, but he had a chance to serve, to work, to seem useful.

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