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'Gabrielle Ray said, 'I am always dancing; I love it! When I don't dance, I sing. What else is there to do?'

Daly’s Theatre – The Advertiser (Adelaide) – 1937

Daly's Theatre - The Advertiser (Adelaide) - Saturday 16th october 1937

Tonight, Daly’s Theatre will lower its curtain for the last time, appropriately enough on the final performance of “The First Legion.” What a legion of memories are associated with it notably in musical comedy, best known of all “The Geisha,” which had its premiere there in 1896. Daly’s, like many other theatres in the West End, is to be swathed in celluloid – it is to become a cinema. An American play wright, John Augustin Daly, opened the first Daly’s in New York, and achieved such an instant success that he determined to have a Daly’s in London. He died six years after it was opened in June, 1833. Another American enterprise, Warner Brothers, will build on the site the Warner Theatre, and, though they have sent to London their head American designer, the cinema will be designed by a London architect, Mr. Edward A. Stone, who has already won a big name as an original thinker. He has 12,000 square, feet of space on which to plot, yet such is the urge to give patrons room and comfort, that the theatre will seat only 2.000 people. There will be only one tier, and the stage will be a miniature affair, by comparison with its predecessor, suitable only for mountings incidental to the films presented. Warner Brothers plan to have the theatre completed in seven months after the clearing of the site.




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Daly’s Theatre – The Advertiser (Adelaide) – 1937

Daly's Theatre - The Advertiser (Adelaide) - Tuesday 26th August 1937


London loses its old theatres.

 London is always changing and Leicester Square associated, as it is with the old Empire, the Alhambra and Daly’s Theatre changes most of all. Soon we shall have to take, down Shakespeare’s statue, and substitute the effigy of some American magnate of the cinemas. The Alhambra has already been reduced to a mass of rubble, and Daly’s Theatre will be the next to come down.

They put on a new play there last week — a play announced to be “positively the last.” A very good play it is, and well acted. But what a contrast to the traditional musical comedy of the old Daly’s. All the actors are men, the play itself deals with a religious theme, and we actually had the Bishop of London in the stage box on the opening night


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The Merry Widow (Rotary 11420 V)

Gabrielle Ray as “Frou Frou” in “The Merry Widow” 1907 (Rotary 11420 V)

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