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The Merry Widow Dinner – The New Zealand Herald – 1909

The Merry Widow - The New Zealand Herald - Saturday 20th March 1909


 George Edwardes and the Prima Donna

 Mr. George Edwardes told a good story at the “Merry Widow” dinner, illustrative of the difficulties with which managers have to contend. “I was once negotiating with a lady to go to India as prima donna, and I thought I would approach the question artfully. We were nearly agreed – the difference between us was a paltry £100 a week, I offered her £100, and she asked me for £200 a week. I began to tell of the glories of India, how the lady would win the hearts of all the Princes, of Jams, and Rams, and Dams – (laughter) and Nabobs. I said, “As is their custom, they’ll send ropes of pearls to tie up your dresses, elephants with trunks full of emeralds – (laughter) and diamonds enough for a skirt” and skirts were skirts in those days. I said, “What is a miserable hundred quid a week by the side of that?” Well I thought I had impressed the lady. She promised to think it over. She did. Next day I got a note: – “Dear Mr. Edwardes, – Give me my terms, and you keep the presents”.


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