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The Merry Widow Dinner – Stamford Mercury – 1909

The Merry Widow - Stamford Mercury - Friday 05 February 1909


“Merry Widow” Dinner – On Sunday night at the Hotel Cecil, the members of the “O.P.” Club celebrated the success of “The Merry Widow” musical comedy. The company numbered over five hundred. Mr Max Pemberton (president of the club) presided, and the guest of the evening was Mr. George Edwardes, a welcome being given also to the artists who have shared the honours of the record run. Mr. Max Pemberton, in proposing the toast of the evening, said Mr. George Edwardes’ splendid secret was success. Speaking of the many phases of musical comedy, he caused loud laughter by remarking that one was the establishment of a secondary school for the instruction of peers. Mr. George Edwardes responded. Mr. Mostyn Pigott proposed “The Merry Widow,” and Miss Lily Elsie replied in a modest little speech. On behalf of the “O.P.” Club, Mr Mostyn Pigott presented her with a silver jewel casket as a memento of the success of the comedy.

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