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Bessie Ray – The Belle of New York – Essex Standard – 1899

Bessie Ray - The Belle of New York - Essex Standard - Monday 7th August 1899 Colchester

“The Belle of New York” at The Theatre – The Theatre, after being closed for seven or eight weeks for the usual vacation, opened it’s doors for the season on Monday night with the celebrated musical comedy “The Belle of New York,” a piece which has created such a furore and is still having a most successful run at the Shaftesbury Theatre, London, and in the big provincial towns. Mr Graham Macdona, the resident manager of the Theatre (for his brother, Mr Chas Macdona), is to be congratulated for having secured Mr Ben Greet’s company in such an attractive piece for his opening night – it is the first visit of the piece to Colchester – and it was not surprising that when the augmented orchestra commenced the overture the Theatre should be crowded from floor to ceiling. The audience, moreover, was not only a good natured Bank Holiday one, but thoroughly appreciative, and the tuneful numbers were all re-demanded, while the fun with which the piece abounds evoked much laughter and applause, and the company were “called” after each act. The “Belle of New York” was capitally staged, both in the matter of scenery and dresses (said to be an exact replica of those used at the Shaftesbury Theatre), and the chorus proved itself an excellent one, and one of the features of the “show.” With reference to the acting, all the leading artists did their utmost, and worked very hard to make the piece go successfully. Miss Faith Lahorde, (the Salvation lassie, Violate Grey, the “Belle of New York”), possesses a very melodious voice, if not a particularly powerful one, and she soon carried the audience with her, and had to repeat all her pretty songs. As “Fifi Fricot,” the little Parisian, Miss Maude Darling was quite a success, and the same may be said of Miss Daisy Baldry, who acquitted herself admirably as “Cora Angelique, the Queen of Comic Opera,” and of Miss R. Essa, who was cleaver as the music hall dancer. Mr Harry Royce was funny as Ichabod Bronson, while Mr Edmund Sherras played in a painstaking way the part of the spendthrift son, Harry Bronson, as did Mr Sam T Pearce the part of the polite lunatic Karl Von Pumerknick, Mr D. O. Regan, the part of “Doc” Snifkin, the father of Cora Angelique, Mr E. Davey the part of “Blinkley Bill” McGuire, the pugilist (whose whistling in the second act was excellent), Mr W. Uridge, the part of Kenneth Mugg, the low comedian of the Angelique Comic Opera Company, and the Brothers Helm the parts of the twin Portuguese, Count Ratsi and Patsi Rattatoo. The other characters were sustained by Messers P.H. Gardner, T. Graves, Porlock Seaman, T. Joanann, R. Pearson, Miss Bessie Ray, Miss Norman, Miss Dorothy Cecil, Miss C. Hurch, Miss P. Crawford, Miss Steffany, Miss Nelson. The “Belle of New York” was repeated on Tuesday and again on Wednesday evening, when special trains were run from Brightlingsea and Wyvenhoe.

This quality of this news paper cutting isn’t very clear so if there are any errors in my copy I apologise.

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