Gabrielle Ray

'Gabrielle Ray said, 'I am always dancing; I love it! When I don't dance, I sing. What else is there to do?'

The Washington Post – 1914

Stageland favourite whose domestic dream is shattered in divorce court

The Washington Post 18th August 1914

Miss Gabrielle Ray

Some of the old fogy school of sceptics proved to be pretty accurate forecasters in the case of the reigning beauty and favourite of London theatrical circles. She had admirers enough to fill a theatre of her own and out of these she choose a husband, her part of the bargain being that she would give up the life of an actress and become a lady of the house. And when she was married the aforesaid old fogy school of skeptics shook their heads and smiled discreetly and then settled back in their seats to see how long it would be before the pretty little actress would be running a race with her husband to the courthouse for the prize of annulment.

Some months ago they thought the time had come. The beautiful little wife came to the court pleading for restoration of conjugal rights. At once the rumor spread that a divorce was about to be prayed for. However, the young lady and her husband refuted this with strenuous denial, and their attorneys placed a notice in the daily press declaring the rumor to be false and utterly absurd.

But at last it came. It was absurd to deny it. That was the real ridiculous part of the entire case. Because the beautiful and famous ex-Ray brought a suit for absolute divorce as a sequel to her previous petitioner. Miss Ray states that she was married to Mr Eric Loder on March 1, 1912. She was to have been married on the day previous, but being indisposed she postponed the ceremony. It has not been heard on what grounds she is suing, but it is easy to infer that the charge will be infidelity, just the same as hundreds of other divorce cases have charged and on which grounds there is sure to be a divorce granted.

Miss Gabrielle Ray was born in 1883 and made her debut when she was 10 years old. In 1893 she succeeded Letty Lind in “The Girls from Kay’s” and from that time on has been in the public eye almost constantly. She is an enthusiastic racing motorist. She was formerly called “the picture postcard queen” and her beauty has been immortalized in innumerable poses.


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