Gabrielle Ray

'Gabrielle Ray said, 'I am always dancing; I love it! When I don't dance, I sing. What else is there to do?'

Gabrielle Ray (Rotary 4170 H)


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Gabrielle Ray – Autograph

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Who Will Win This Beauty?

Who Will Win This Beauty?

The recent marriage of Lily Elsie leaves Gabrielle Ray the last of the unmarried English stage beauties.

“The Spokesman Review” 10th December 1911

Who will Gabrielle Ray marry? This is the most exciting question in England just now. Indeed it entirely overshadows the possibility of a war with Germany or the unpreparedness of the fleet in the minds of a large class of the population.

It is especially among the ranks of the peerage that the question excites interest for, although these gentlemen still take some part in the government of the Empire they give the best of their time and attention to musical comedy and its exponents.

Observe that the question is “Who will Gabrielle Ray marry?” Rather than “Who will marry Gabrielle Ray?” The fair artist has the pick of nearly all the eligible ornamental and blue-blooded youths in the kingdom. She has but to say the word.

Gabrielle Ray is the most popular, beautiful and admired musical comedy actress in England. She is now playing in “The Orchid” at the New Gaiety Theatre. For a long time she was a very popular “Merry Widow”. It doesn’t matter much what she does. It’s just Gabrielle that people go to see.

Gabrielle is a perfect type of English blond beauty, tall, straight and graceful. There is not a suggestion of artificiality or peroxide about her. She exhales health, good nature and happiness. It is little wonder that every youth who comes in contact with her falls head over heels in love.

Nearly all the popular musical comedy actresses in England have married into the peerage, i.e. have married noble lords or their relatives. The process began long ago when Connie Gilchrist married the Earl of Orkney and Belle Bilton married the Earl of Clancarty and Rosie Boote married the Marquis of Headfort, but recently the tendency has been increasing at an astonishing rate.

A few years ago four lovely girls were playing the rackety daughters of a noble lord in a musical comedy show called “The Little Cherub”. They were Gabrielle Ray, Zena Dare, Grace Pinder and Lily Elsie. They all achieved fame. All but Gabrielle Ray have now married into the ranks of the aristocracy.

Zena Dare a few months ago married the Hon. Maurice Brett, son of Lord Esher, whose other son, Oliver, has just become engaged to an American heiress. Lily Elsie married a few weeks ago Ian Bullough, brother of Sir George Bullough, who owns the valuable Island of Rum, in Scotland.

It sounds fine for an actress to marry a scion of the ancient nobility, but it reality there are some drawbacks. The actress usually earns a large income. The scion is usually hard up. Hence, the actress is frequently called upon to support her husband.

The luscious Kitty Gordon, who is now delighting large American audiences, was once the wife of the Hon. Robert Berisford, brother of Lord Decies, who married the great heiress, Miss Vivian Gould. She got a divorce.

“The Hon. “Bobbie” Beresford was charming,” said Miss Gordon, “but really, you know, I couldn’t afford him.”

Then there was Camille Clifford, who married the Hon. Henry Lyndhurst Bruce, son of Lord Aberdare. When the young man brought home his blushing bride the old nobleman said:

“I cast you off. Never darken my doors again.”

It was rather discouraging for a hard working actress to have to support her noble husband and yet not be allowed to darken his family doorstep.

Gabrielle Ray has had just as many proposals as any of these beauties, probably more. Doubtless she has profited by the hard experiences of some of them. There must be a large element of good sense behind her fair, smiling face. She enjoys life. She has an enormous income. She is the most photographed woman in England. Why should she marry?

One of those who have been mentioned as suitors for Miss Ray’s hand is the Marquis of Anglesey, who is not only young, but rich and good looking. It has been even more generally whispered that the Marquis and the Princess Patricia, daughter of the Duke of Connaught, the King’s uncle, are in love and that only the difference in their rank prevents their marriage.

Again, it was reported that Lord Dalmeny, eldest son of the Earl of Rosebury, wished Miss Gabrielle Ray to share his rank and fortune. Whether these two reports are correct is hard to state, but it is certain that a vast number of men of title and family have courted the famous beauty.

In spite of all temptations Gabrielle Ray has up to the present been content with theatrical engagements only. But lately there have been persistent reports that she has succumbed at last. Something serious has surely happened. The fair star has been seen with some new and unusually magnificent pieces of jewellery. Her collection already rivalled that of any woman on stage. Besides her jewels she wears a very preoccupied and far away air.

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